United States and Kingd…
3,555 members

Canadians! Australians! New Zealanders! United Kingdomers! Israelis! Americans! If you love talking about Psychology, Politics, Philosophy, etc you will love this server!

Endless Politics
160 members

😎 This is a server for talking POLITICS of any kind, we have a great team who ensure a safe and healthy environment and we accept all views and peoples ❤️ ❤️ Looking for Moderators!! 🔥🙏🏻🔥

806 members

Welcome to the Politic Server! We are an international server that discusses politics, current worldwide events, and religion. We have: - 30+ different nationalities - Debates - Game and movie nights - RP elections

Politics server™
198 members

Our server is about discussing politics, we enjoy listening from both sides of the argument and want to be a neutral, opening and welcome place for people to chat about politics from around the world!

Novel Politics
111 members

Hello welcome to Novel Politics! Our server is for people who love politics and debating with others. The server consists of many channels, and are adding more and more features! We have several political parties that you could join if you want to.

That Other Server^2
88 members

We are a small, tight-knit community server! We do anything from gaming to science to politics to memes!

87 members

Politics offers debates and discussions on economics, philosophy, elections, religion, and much more! We have an official news outlet, and we host real politicians, scientists, and philosophers, among others on our Podcast for interviews.

LessDumb - Politics & P…
56 members

Politics, Philosophy, link and content sharing

PUK | Politics UK
55 members

Politics UK is a political news server and community.

Politics + POC Rights
38 members

Have fun, make friends, and more!

Politika | Politics Com…
46 members

Want to talk about politics on discord, but don't know where to start? With free news updates, and resources to help you be more educated in politics, and an active community to discuss with, this is the server for you.

45 members

news politics and trends from all subjects and voice chat about politics

Millennial politics
17 members

For millennials, made by millennials. We are a debate group that wants to make millennials understand politics and the world. Come join us to learn about recent news happening all over the world or chill and talk with other interesting people.

Gen Z Central
5,743 members

💕 Chill Server 🎁 Self-growth 🎮 Gaming ⭐ Voice Chat🏮 Academics 🌎 Social/Make Friends 💬 Active - Meet New People! 🎲 Careers 😂 Fun Bots discord.gg/zoomer High-quality & always online. This is your new favorite Discord community.

2,419 members

Want to make friends? lonely is a safe place for finding friends. We are a friendly, chill server for everyone. Hang out, meet people and talk about random stuff. Welcome to the server of friendship, helpfulness, and support!

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