All Debate Community
1,006 members

This is a debate server where you can find members from all sorts of backgrounds. This is a place you can come into if you want to challenge your beliefs, or just hang out.

Debate Mate
336 members

A free-speech debate server oriented on politics, religion, and philosophy.

Debate Emporium
104 members

• Debate Emporium • We are a small debate/gaming server, that is is fresh, new, and looking for new members We're willing to host just about anything, just be civil This is also a gaming server, so you can join for that as well

Praven 3
179 members

Welcome to Praven, we are a debate server mostly on the anti-lgbt side on things but we have some lgbt sided members you could get along with. You can come chill out with members or debate with them on things like religion, sexuality and other stuff. Most

Astronomy Discord
68 members

MNN's Discord Server: participate in hot-seat debates, talk about anything regarding space, and have the most fun with the MNN community!

World War 2 Simps
32 members

This is a community for fellow lovers of WW2 history. It’s a place for you to have discussions, learn more, make friends, debate, share memes, share photos/videos, and much more. Basically a holy world war 2 hub. New but active.

82 members

This is a place for the civil discourse of ideas, to have discussions and debates that do not happen elsewhere. Almost any topic can be approached in a respectful way, and civil when done properly.

Mad Debates
57 members

An open space to freely debate a range of topics without fear of censorship or persecution (ToS, Discord Guidelines and Server Rules apply)

23 members

Welcome to AMERICA! Here we civilly debate on present day topics in the news and more! We want people to understand and respect each other even when we do not agree with each other. ENGLISH ONLY, THIS IS AMERICA

36 members

God...can you hear me... we want to debate about you ... so stay cool

Debate Club
21 members

Join Debate Club, a safe and welcoming community that allows you to explore new ideas and challenge yourself by exposing yourself to new and different beliefs and ideas

Gen Z Central
5,759 members

💕 Chill Server 🎁 Self-growth 🎮 Gaming ⭐ Voice Chat🏮 Academics 🌎 Social/Make Friends 💬 Active - Meet New People! 🎲 Careers 😂 Fun Bots High-quality & always online. This is your new favorite Discord community.

international political…
7 members

This is a political chat room , all opinions are welcome . please feel free to discuss and debate politics from around the world with each other .

Gamers English
2,236 members

Games • English • Community 🎮A community for gamers to improve their English language skills 📓

Vegan World
2,573 members

We're vegan, why aren't you?

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