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Meta Square NFT server icon
Meta Square NFT

Whitelist Mint start on Sunday 22nd May 8:00 PM (timezone GMT + 2) JOIN OUR DISCORD and say "I'm here for WL" MetaSquareNFT offers an innovative advertising space. First in the our Meta Square, and then in one or more of the most famous Metaverse

Meta Square NFT 1,720 members Join
Hobo Clowns server icon
Hobo Clowns

$100,000.00 ETH GIVEAWAY NFT !!! Presale $22 on May 1st.

Hobo Clowns 1,348 members Join
Chaos Clownz NFTS server icon
Chaos Clownz NFTS

🎈Chaos Clownz is a NFT Collection of 999 3D Clownz ready to unleash chaos in the metaverse 🤡

Chaos Clownz NFTS 11,915 members Join
Immortalize Me server icon
Immortalize Me

The first-ever user-generated NFT collection. Enter the 1k genesis of Immortalize Me.

Immortalize Me 1,193 members Join
Crypto Idolz server icon
Crypto Idolz

The first ever nude NFT collection on Solana

Crypto Idolz 22,511 members Join
Crypto-Stamp-Album server icon

Whitelisting will start soon. Eligible for free 3000 ETH. Verify our Discord to qualify. A 9,999 digital art NFT collection on Ethereum Blockchain.

Crypto-Stamp-Album 1,238 members Join
Busty Ape Milfs - $BAM server icon
Busty Ape Milfs - $BAM

Busty Ape Milfs - BAM NFT Collection

Busty Ape Milfs - $BAM 1,558 members Join
MetaSlavs NFT server icon
MetaSlavs NFT

Privet, comrade! Whether you’re a modern digital art lover, or just purely interested in kvass-drinking and Adidas tracksuit wearing, we’ve got some really khorosho news for you. Set your foot on the glorious land of Metaslavia - upcoming NFT collection!

MetaSlavs NFT 1,115 members Join
DOSTOWN - Home of the FEARZ & the DOSDLES server icon
DOSTOWN - Home of the FEARZ & the DOSDLES

DOSTOWN - is the web3 place where we connect artists, culture, and blockchain. WE DO NFT

DOSTOWN - Home of the FEARZ & the DOSDLES 2,277 members Join
Mother Nature NFT server icon
Mother Nature NFT

Mother Nature NFT is a collection of 10,000 NFTs. The revenue generated from this NFT will help raise $1M to various NGOs fight for the well being of planet Earth. Initial minters will receive utilities (benefits). Join us!

Mother Nature NFT 3,714 members Join
Travelous Platypus Club server icon
Travelous Platypus Club

Unique NFT-collection drawn by brilliant artists. The collection consists of 7,777 images. Become a traveler yourself by owning a platypus.

Travelous Platypus Club 6,513 members Join
W.O.S. Club | We Own Sea server icon
W.O.S. Club | We Own Sea

We Onw Sea | The W.O.S. Club NFT officel server. Introduction to the collection #NFT of 7.777 Sharks and 7.777 Whales.

W.O.S. Club | We Own Sea 14,784 members Join
The D'ohnut Club server icon
The D'ohnut Club

We are pleased to officially announce The D’Ohnut Club project focusing on gaming, community and utility. The D’Ohnut Club is gathering NFT collection linked to a unique Play-to-Earn Game.

The D'ohnut Club 2,887 members Join
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