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Crypto by NasTrading server icon
Crypto by NasTrading

Welcome to Crypto by NasTrading! We cover all sorts of topics related to crypto, blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency trading.

Crypto by NasTrading 495 members Join
Crypto-Stamp-Album server icon

Whitelisting will start soon. Eligible for free 3000 ETH. Verify our Discord to qualify. A 9,999 digital art NFT collection on Ethereum Blockchain.

Crypto-Stamp-Album 1,238 members Join
Cryptohub server icon

A crypto-focused discord containing free guides and introductions to Crypto. A hub for 100x gem hunters, IDO investors, NFT minters, SWING traders, Scalpers as well as Beginner looking to learn about all things crypto.

Cryptohub 12,322 members Join
THE BLOCK ⛓ server icon

We promote crypto projects. We do airdrops.

THE BLOCK ⛓ 2,890 members Join
💎Eldorado Pump 💎 server icon
💎Eldorado Pump 💎

Welcome to Eldorado Pumps! We have global changes on our channel! As many requested, we decided to focus all our efforts on the pump. No need to panic and log out of the server. Continue to actively participate in the development of our channel.

💎Eldorado Pump 💎 6,074 members Join
Pip Surfing Society server icon
Pip Surfing Society

Learn to ride the waves if the forex and stock markets with free lessons and 1 to 1 mentorships! Join our live trading floor 5days a week and watch our mentor take trades!

Pip Surfing Society 1,183 members Join
Crypto Airdrop Area server icon
Crypto Airdrop Area

Crypto Airdrop Area, where we take crypto-care of ya!

Crypto Airdrop Area 2,071 members Join
Web3 Global server icon
Web3 Global

1 Crypto Education System in the World - The Most Powerful Force in Crypto! Chosen as the Exclusive Marketplace for the M2 Token

Web3 Global 8,027 members Join
ENTER $NFTART server icon

Are you into crypto? NFTs? Do you want to be? Join the enterverse! We are all about connecting people through art, crypto and fun! We have everything from educational material to get you started, games to have fun, giveaways to win prizes, and more!

ENTER $NFTART 38,658 members Join
📈CRYPTO PUMP$ INSIDE📉 server icon

Welcome to Crypto Pump$ INSIDE! We have global changes on our channel! As many requested, we decided to focus all our efforts on the pump. No need to panic and log out of the server. Continue to actively participate in the development of our channel.

📈CRYPTO PUMP$ INSIDE📉 1,463 members Join
Crypto Surferz! server icon
Crypto Surferz!

Crypto Surferz is a subway surfer inspired Play to Earn on BSC that features both single player and multiplayer on PC & Mobile.

Crypto Surferz! 2,250 members Join

Crypto Lucha is a collection of 6,969 strong luchadores NFT in Solana with traits inspired by the Mexican Lucha libre’s most powerful and legendary features. Stake your CryptoLucha to earn $TACOS token & use it to breed & evolve Luchas.

CRYPTO LUCHA CLUB 5,436 members Join
iNFiniTy ft. AZRAQ Ξ WHITELIST OPEN server icon

An NFT Collection featuring the ancient art of AZRAQ. Holding APY 75%: -Genesis CyberKong -Crypto Mining Farm

iNFiniTy ft. AZRAQ Ξ WHITELIST OPEN 7,818 members Join
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