Neo Danganronpa Co. 2.0…
150 members

WELCOME TO NEO DANGANRONPA CO! A server for veterans and newbies alike. Please come in and join the fun! ──⭐ RP is optional but a main feature. ──⭐ Veteran and newbie-friendly. ──⭐ We now have a Minecraft server!

Danganronpa Community
158 members

Welcome to the Danganronpa community server! A place for all Danganronpa fans to hang out and make new friends. Make sure you read the rules when you join, come on and have fun ❤️

🔪 ┊͙ Danganronpa + Yttd …
144 members

(✿◠‿◠) Hello! in this server you can roleplay your favourite danganronpa characters and meet other danganronpa fans!

「DUPLIVERA」| [Tourist T…
127 members

A new Danganronpa Roleplay server!

93 members

Hello guys! We're very in need of active people who'd like to roleplay, play games etc etc! What we're currently looking for, though are people to roleplay Danganronpa with!

Danganronpa & Other Fan…
90 members

A fun danganronpa server! LGBTQ+ friendly.

kokichi ouma shrine
62 members

this server is a fan server for the character kokichi ouma ( 王馬 小吉 ) from the game danganronpa v3 : killing harmony / new danganronpa v3 : everyone's new killing semester ( ニューダンガンロンパV3 みんなのコロシアイ新学期 ) owned by spike chunsoft !!

Swag Peak Academy
61 members

Swag peak academy!!! A fun danganronpa roleplay server <3

Danganronpa: The Killin…
56 members

Danganronpa: The Killing Game is a Danganronpa themed server mini-game. You and 14 other students are trapped inside of a school, and the only way to escape this despair inducing scenario is to kill one of your fellow classmates and get away with it.

~ Danganronpa Despair P…
75 members

If you like hosted roleplays and danganronpa, then you'll love this server. We put a special twist on the killing game that we all know and love. Instead of in a school, it's in a prison. Instead of ultimates, there's crimes. Want to give it a try?

45 members

A server for any fans of Danganronpa!

Danganronpa RP
51 members

Welcome to Hopes Peak Academy! The School for Juveniles with Ultimate Talents!

Danganronpa - Farewell …
34 members

Just a normal non-kg danganronpa rp

Dgr: Beauty and the Bea…
19 members

A server focused on forming a danganronpa beauty and the beast au.

Danganronpa Killing Game
15 members

This server is for Danganronpa Rp’s! There will be motives, class trials, and more by your headmaster Monokuma! We hope you enjoy your Killing School Trip!

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