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Attack on Titan / Hiroyuki Sawano Works server icon
Attack on Titan / Hiroyuki Sawano Works

Discord Server based on the popular TV Anime & Manga "Attack on Titan", and popular music composer "Hiroyuki Sawano".

Attack on Titan / Hiroyuki Sawano Works 17,694 members Join
Holland's Anime and Manga Club server icon
Holland's Anime and Manga Club

Nederlandse anime en manga Club

Holland's Anime and Manga Club 1,468 members Join
Roselia Sandwiches server icon
Roselia Sandwiches

☕ The comfiest anime and manga server on the block. ☕ Roselia Scans is a manga translation group that has been going strong for over a decade. 💪 With over 500 members, we have a diverse and active community, from all over the world! 🌎 Join us today!!!

Roselia Sandwiches 700 members Join
Indonesian Weebs Community server icon
Indonesian Weebs Community

Gak dapet info Manga dan Anime? Kesini aja, disini kami semua membicarakan tentang Manga dan komik, disediakan juga RSS yang up-to-date tentang Informasi manga dan Komik secara 24 jam

Indonesian Weebs Community 875 members Join
Manga Mutiny server icon
Manga Mutiny

An online community to discuss and explore the wide world of manga and anime!

Manga Mutiny 296 members Join
Natsu Empire server icon
Natsu Empire

Welcome to Natsu Empire! A place where you can chill, make new friends, and have fun.

Natsu Empire 135 members Join
🍒CHERRI 🍒|💃😎MULTI-FANDOMS 😌🕺|📼LOFI 24/7📼|🎬🎶K-POP/DRAMA🎬🎶|📺📖ANI-MANGA📖📺 server icon

have fun making friends, exploring everything the server has to offer like anime chat, kpop/kdrama and so much more.

🍒CHERRI 🍒|💃😎MULTI-FANDOMS 😌🕺|📼LOFI 24/7📼|🎬🎶K-POP/DRAMA🎬🎶|📺📖ANI-MANGA📖📺 69 members Join
Manga ツ Reader server icon
Manga ツ Reader

This server is for tests of my project MangaTsuViewer a manga reader in HTML/CSS/JS 👀 You can. ▸Read from right to left. ▸Read vertically. ▸Read from URL of some sites. ▸Jump to the page. ▸Change page size. ▸Change blen

Manga ツ Reader 100 members Join
The Animeme Dungeon server icon
The Animeme Dungeon

A place where anyone can come talk about Anime or Manga, meet other weebs and chill and have fun.

The Animeme Dungeon 91 members Join
NanaHub server icon

A space to hangout with your friends and a prefect place to spend your leisure time.

NanaHub 83 members Join
Anime and Manga server icon
Anime and Manga

Anime and Manga what more need be said? Come and chat about your favorite show or manga with us!

Anime and Manga 78 members Join
Tōtsuki Saryo Culinary Institute  🔪  🥢 server icon
Tōtsuki Saryo Culinary Institute 🔪 🥢

Welcome to the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy! On this server, we have many things to do, like Role-play, Food Battles, Read Manga/ Watch the anime of Food Wars, Join different Clubs or even the Council of Ten! And much more. This server is still fresh and bran

Tōtsuki Saryo Culinary Institute 🔪 🥢 71 members Join
Saigo No Hi support server server icon
Saigo No Hi support server

This server stand for arts,MMD,anime and manga,you can also make stream and talk about other topics.

Saigo No Hi support server 64 members Join
Chibaka Plaza server icon
Chibaka Plaza

Those who enjoy: -Anime -Manga -gaming or -MBTI WOULD love this server! Hope you join!

Chibaka Plaza 47 members Join
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