264 members

Hi! Welcome to our server where you can find free png and gif avatars, banners for Discord. You can also find pepo, pandas and cats emotes and much more! The server is in English and Polish.

Covidax 3D Avatars
13 members

Living among us & about to conquer the metaverse. 10,000 3D Covidax Avatars fully animated & ready to be uploaded in the metaverse or AR apps, are waiting for you 🚀🔥

2,011 members

💪 1 common mission of ending violence against women. 💪 2.5% of Primary Sales dedicated to charity. 💪 9,999 programmatically generated digital NFT avatars. 💪 Every BRAVA NFT comes with full IP and commercial rights.

4,996 members


Cute Pandaz Club
1,934 members

8,888 Cute Pandaz are ready to rule the Metaverse | The Best, First, NFT | We help YOU find your place in the NFT space

Squishy Panda Club
3,924 members

A Gaming Studio for the metaverse. Squishy Panda Club starts with a collection of 10,000 avatars that give you membership access to be part of game development and publishing studio We build together. We play together. We grow together.

4,498 members

What is the future of AiAvatars? For each avatar there will be an unlockable content (chapter), A Chapter will describe the history of the avatar. Avatars can have siblings, family members, enemies & much more.

TCG World
10,858 members

TCG World is the largest open world blockchain based game where players can earn TCGCoin 2.0, gather NFT collectibles, own virtual real estate, create, explore the game world, control their own online businesses, or just have fun.

49,337 members

A Members Only Private Club in the ShibaBets Casino Metaverse - Hop in we are just getting started !

Osiris Metaverse
3,963 members

Osiris is a 2d metaverse game on mobile & pc. Cosmic Kids are NFT avatars of Osiris which grant access & earn you crypto.

Elite Chess Club
1,674 members

ECC is a collection of 11,000 Luxury Chess Piece Avatar NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Desert Rebels
4,546 members

Desert Rebels is a new NFT collection with a mission to build a powerful Web-3 community. A brand ready to take over the metaverse. A collection of 350 avatars who act as your membership access to the Club.

Rockin Tuna NFT
8,779 members

Rockin Tuna is a collection of 3000 hand drawn and randomly generated NFT avatars living on the Ethereum Blockchain

1,550 members

✨ Tada, 9,999 cute Bojio Lions🦁 are here for collection. Bojio lions not just as NFT art collectible, but a badge to be part of the community to own and grow Bojioland metapark together. Join to be first 500 OG list to get Free Mints, WL and giveaways

920 members

𖤐 goth 𖤐 poc icons 𖤐 semi-toxic 𖤐 low mod

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