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Metaverse Cool Cats server icon
Metaverse Cool Cats

We are bringing cats into NFT Metaverse. Early Bird Sale sold out in 7 minutes! Pre-sale on January 2. Join our Discord for updates.

Metaverse Cool Cats 32,896 members Join
Peacemen Society server icon
Peacemen Society

Join the nicest NFT Community on metaverse! Our project focuses on rewarding our community members by regularly doing raffle prizes such as Crypto tokens, Scholarships on different NFT Games and NFTs!

Peacemen Society 917 members Join
Wishmasters Metaverse server icon
Wishmasters Metaverse

New dual NFT Project on Solana and Ethereum with good cryptocurrency prizes!

Wishmasters Metaverse 1,326 members Join
Cute Pandaz Club server icon
Cute Pandaz Club

8,888 Cute Pandaz are ready to rule the Metaverse | The Best, First, NFT | We help YOU find your place in the NFT space

Cute Pandaz Club 1,661 members Join
Rogue Dice Club server icon
Rogue Dice Club

A NFT project named Rogue Dice Club.

Rogue Dice Club 9,176 members Join
The Egg Society server icon
The Egg Society

An Exclusive Society of 8,888 Eggs I Ready to Take Over The Metaverse and The NFT Space | Community-led Project With a Treasury of $500K | 3D Egg Free Mint

The Egg Society 2,823 members Join
Cyber Ape Yacht Club server icon
Cyber Ape Yacht Club

BUY AN APE TO WIN A SPOT FOR A CRUISE WITH ROYAL CARIBBEAN! The only NFT project with unmatched utility! First big event happening next month in Las Vegas! Sons of Legends Boxing match at the Virgin Hotel and Casino.

Cyber Ape Yacht Club 435 members Join
ChefCooks Kicks & Flips server icon
ChefCooks Kicks & Flips

Fastest Growing NFT Community NFT CONNECTZ

ChefCooks Kicks & Flips 1,180 members Join
100k_Trees server icon

Unique NFT art project on the Solana blockchain.

100k_Trees 1,659 members Join
Travelous Platypus Club server icon
Travelous Platypus Club

Unique NFT-collection drawn by brilliant artists. The collection consists of 7,777 images. Become a traveler yourself by owning a platypus.

Travelous Platypus Club 6,513 members Join
W.O.S. Club | We Own Sea server icon
W.O.S. Club | We Own Sea

We Onw Sea | The W.O.S. Club NFT officel server. Introduction to the collection #NFT of 7.777 Sharks and 7.777 Whales.

W.O.S. Club | We Own Sea 14,784 members Join
Alien punks server icon
Alien punks

Addictive aliens invading different metaverses. Join now to experience a ground breaking NFT project. Join us in The Sandbox for rewarded adventures.

Alien punks 2,535 members Join
CoolBabiesClub server icon

🛰️New NFT project is launching 🚀 If you’re looking for great art, great friends, and a way to give back there’s no better place than CoolBabiesClub.

CoolBabiesClub 2,914 members Join
The Meta Junkie Social Club server icon
The Meta Junkie Social Club

The Meta Junkie Social Club is a collection of 9.999 unique pixelated guys stoned by the magic of the Solana Blockchain.

The Meta Junkie Social Club 1,619 members Join
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