Music City
326 members

Hey everyone!!! Would you like to join a music, art, and gaming server? Well then come join us at Music City! What we provide: :date: Fun events once a week! :handshake: People to play with! :outbox_tray: Share your art, music & anything else!

286 members

*✿❀ ArtistHub ❀✿* Artists unite! A server bringing together different kinds of artists, designers and musicans! « « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » » Channels, and roles for all types of art! Roles you can assign yourself! Being Active Gives you higher roles!

Hefty Art©
273 members

Bunburyist Art Community
209 members

Come visit and share your Traditional Art, Digital Art, Mini Painting, or Performative.

Digital Art
204 members

Digital art

Certified Bubbly (Comin…
33 members

Literally any other normal discord server you'd probably enjoy, General Topics, Colors, Roles, Bots, Art Stuff and my hopefully upcoming daily twitter news channel! Think of this server as anything you'd want it to be, an art server, gaming server etc...

~~𝓃𝑜𝓉 𝒽𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒶𝒾~~
137 members

An anime themed social server for artists and people that enjoy art to share your art, tutorials, give and receive criticism :) We're pretty friendly and often have discussions not relating to art too

Arts & Designs
79 members

Art & Design is about drawing, painting, sculpture, music, video, photography, NFT, beatmakers, storymakers ...

Lazy Martian Country Cl…
181 members

We are a NFT community that’s getting ready to launch their collection. We’re going to be doing giveaways, fun contests, and community decided charitable donations! We love talking art and would love to see your work. Come join our community!

The Queen's Chamber
133 members

ProduSultana's official server - Talk about art, webtoon, anime, gaming, memes, food and more! Everyone is WELCOME!

Eri’s Artist Marketplac…
174 members

Artists, want a way to market your art and other works? Look no further! Eri’s Artist Marketplace + Hangout is a chill server where you can sell your art, hang out with other artists, and do monthly drawing events with prizes! Come join us!

98 members

A fan server for the newest generation of My Little Pony! We discuss updates, theories, and share headcanons and fan art. Discussion and art of other generations is also welcome, as is roleplay, cosplay, and collection showcasing!

Bread's Community Disco…
96 members

The cave in which the RandomBreadSlice resides. (PG13 server) A fun hangout space for gaming, chatting, art, & more! Where I rec YT vids and have watch-parties for single-player horror games, everyone welcome! Bread-puns are not required, but advised~

Cookie Cafe
163 members

Are you looking for a fun interactive server to share art and talk to other members about fandoms? This Cafe themed server might just be what you're looking for!

dieded | NFT Art Club
163 members

🎭 dieded | NFT - Art Club is about PURE ART! Selling exclusive, 1.000 memberships with 50% dividends of royalty.

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