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This server is for memes, memes, memes, vines, memes, memes and did I mention memes? So if you really like memes...

Canada 303 members Join
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Community dedicated for people that are passionate about game and enjoy memes, several bots included into the server to maintain entertainment at all costs.

Hamboorgar 285 members Join
The Realm of Tabbu server icon
The Realm of Tabbu

For memes, chat, and fun! We are a fairly laid back server, with bots like pokecord where you can catch and battle pokemon with others. But, if that's not your thing, then we have chat channels too! Join us today! (make sure not to let the frogs in)

The Realm of Tabbu 280 members Join
fluttershub server icon

talk about gaming or fandoms like mlp or smthin or talk about memes (you) or games.

fluttershub 274 members Join
Wet Memes server icon
Wet Memes

A server that has over 50 members. We have memes, a great community, and other fun stuff.

Wet Memes 252 members Join
Riot Memes Server server icon
Riot Memes Server

Discord for the YouTuber riot memes (

Riot Memes Server 142 members Join
🎈  SHYXcs Community🌴 server icon
🎈 SHYXcs Community🌴

》SHYXcs Community 《 》 FUN  《 》 BOTS 《 》 MUSIC  《 》 MEMES   《 》 GAMING 《 》 COMMUNITY 《   In this server you can chill with other people, share memes and more. We also have a lot of good bots to play with.

🎈 SHYXcs Community🌴 183 members Join
The Memes Cave server icon
The Memes Cave

This is a memes, shitpost, gaming, fun and talking server, you can share your art and use some awesome bots too, or maybe even chill with some people in vc.

The Memes Cave 178 members Join
Anime Central アニメセントラル server icon
Anime Central アニメセントラル

This Group is a community for Otaku to share, discuss, enquire & recommend anime, manga, music, memes and to practice japanese

Anime Central アニメセントラル 168 members Join
🍥OP’s Weebs🍥 server icon
🍥OP’s Weebs🍥

If you are looking to find people who are interested in Anime, Memes, or even just wanting people to game with then feel free to join this discord with over 300+ gamers on different platforms!

🍥OP’s Weebs🍥 149 members Join
Mental Health Memes server icon
Mental Health Memes

Mental health is hard, but memes can make it easier.

Mental Health Memes 146 members Join
The Duck Pond server icon
The Duck Pond

Everything you want to do, in one single place! We got it all! Share memes with your new friends, or become worst enemies by stealing their server money. You decide!

The Duck Pond 45 members Join
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