Desi Baby Club
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Hello Babies. 🍼

Pip Surfing Society
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Learn to ride the waves if the forex and stock markets with free lessons and 1 to 1 mentorships! Join our live trading floor 5days a week and watch our mentor take trades!

Options Guru
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💎Welcome to the stock family!💎 Do you want to learn the secrets to become successful in the stock market? 📈 Join our Options Guru Discord chat for free, accurate, daily alerts and a team of professional traders to guide you 24/7 🚀

Great Brains Club
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We are the Brains of the Metaverse! We focus on financial freedom and helping new investors strive towards their goals. We give crypto/nft insights on various projects. We pride ourselves in knowledge hence the name!

Sweet Tendies Stock Ale…
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Welcome to one of the best free stock alert services on the web where we believe high quality doesn't have to come at a high cost! US Markets Only

The Gentlemen's Crypto …
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A club for esteemed gentlemen to talk about crypto and make friends along the way.
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Portion is the 21st Century Auction House for Rare, High-End NFT Art, Music, and Collectibles. We connect artists and collectors through blockchain technology to easily sell, invest and own art and collectibles with verified authenticity and provenance.

We Want to Pump 👏 You U…
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A server where we all make money off of cryptocurrency by legally buying and selling at set times. I will never pump and dump on you, as not only is that wrong to do, it's short sighted as I want to be able to grow this server in trust and volume.

Asset NFT
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Invest in Yourself! Prestige Investments is a server built around growth in yourself. Whether it be financially, or in mental & physical health, we have it all! ⚒ The bitcon…
3,451 members | The bitconnectCoin Community Supports The Open-Source GUI Full-Node Satoshi-Client Miners Of The bitconnect Public BlockChain.

Qooore Sqooouad
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Qooore is on the mission to educate young investors and built smart insight investment tool for everyone 🚀

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This server is a place for traders and aspiring traders to learn how to navigate the futures market or improve their performance.

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• Regular fundamental news updates • Macroeconomic analysis • Intraday charting • Trade ideas • Tools for trading • Stock valuation models • Networking • Regular fundamental news updates • Macroeconomic analysis • Intraday charting.

Hector Finance $HEC $TOR
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Hector is a decentralized storage protocol based on the HEC token – collateralized and backed by the Hector DAO. HEC will be the reserve currency on/of Fantom.

The Witch Game Avax
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Brewing... Upcoming #PlaytoEarn RPG and #Metaverse with new #NFT crafting mechanics and a fun Adventure Mode! #P2E #Avalanche

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