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Our server is filled with fun and friendly global and active community of gamers and non-gamers. Please feel free to talk about anime, mangas, games, lewds, fan arts or any kind of arts,voice act, karaoke, just general chit-chat!

Hang out with fellow value investors while you search for the next $0.40 dollar.

Bape is about helping my fellow ladies get a sugar daddy. We also got dope ass profile pictures too.

This server is primarily for growing your Snapchat, there are plenty of other things to do here besides that. Take a look!!

ChillSynth began as a humble home for artists who make the music you hear on the Electronic Gems YouTube channel. It is now the de-facto genre name for what we, and even people outside our community, consider their music.

"When hope is gone… undo this lock… and send me forth… on a moonlit walk!" Want a place to hang out and meet like-minded people?

I am Immortal 2 (beta) peak and Immortal 9,873 (post-beta) peak player. I have played VALORANT since day 1 and have boosted many players ranging from iron to high diamond. https://discord.gg/75t3KGb7g8

A multi-pack Dog/Wolf RP with events, games, and more.

Looking for a fun, casual roleplay experience without a strict schedule? Look no further! This server offers exactly that and more!

A sanctuary for music producers, audio engineers and rappers!

!! RECRUITING MODS !! Chill server for anime, art, hentai, cultured people. Currently very new server. Recommendations and suggestions are very well taken.

This is a meditation community that is thoroughly guided by monks and professionals within this aspect. This is a free public server welcoming all interested people around the world!

Welcome to euphoria! πŸŒ• Anime Manga πŸŒ– Gaming πŸŒ— Kpop 🌘 Art πŸŒ‘ Emotes 🌘 Daily fun activities πŸŒ— BTS updates πŸŒ– Hiring staff πŸŒ• SFW πŸŒ’ Friendly Staff πŸŒ“ Fun bots & games πŸŒ” Small Chill place We hope to see you there!

Cabochon Dimensions is a social hangout server. We have games, music, debates, and so much more.

Want to learn about various psychological theories? Just want a place to debate and use fun bots? EnneaGram is certainly the place for you! With active staff and a dedicated community, nothing more could be sought out for.