2Fez Clan

🛡 2Fez Clan 🛡

⭕️ We are based in North America but we have around 250 members all over the world. If you need a fun a friendly group of friends who are official Fortnite Dumb Shit Scientists, look no further!!! ⭕️

⭕ Looking for people who are ready to be super active. Need help in that area right now. ( 😅 ) ⭕

⭕️ We are also looking for graphic designers and video editors to start a YouTube channel. ⭕️

⚜️Requirements for Team ⚜️

➿ 40+ Wins
➿ Being regularly active
➿ Putting 2Fez at the front or end of your name [OPTIONAL]
➿ Be mature
➿ Have a working mic
➿ Speak fluent english
➿ At least 13 years old

⚜️Anyone can join. DM me for invite ⚜️

♦️Anyone can join this clan just dont be a hardcore newbie ♦️


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263 members