Unlucky is as Lucky does

==Unlucky is as Lucky does Discord Server==

Welcome to the Cearc Dearg Mor Kingdom!

This is a fan-based server for the Unlucky is as Lucky does webtoon who have successfully recruited the creator!
We are a relatively new server, with small numbers, but growing, please join us!

|Active and Welcoming Community - our members are active, caring, and we welcome anyone!
|Kind staff - our staff are just as active as anyone and are friendly to all, while enforcing the general rules of our server!
|Fun Bots - we have a wide range of bots for all to have fun with!
|Partnership - we are open to partnerships at any time, just dm our staff and they'll help you out!
|**And so much more!**
So join in the fun and join our server!


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27 members