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The Millennials

The Millennials are here. They have travelled back in time into the Metaverse via the Solana Network in the form of 7500 algorithmically generated artworks. Each artwork is a character containing unique traits representing the most debated generation of our existence, the Millennials. 2021 Q4 -Launch of version one of the Millennials. -Minting will be available through our website via the Solana Network. Becoming a Millennial comes at the price of 1.75 Sol. -Upon launch, the Millennials will be available to trade on a secondary exchange. 2022 Q1 -Launch of version two (she/her). 2500 version one holders will be randomly selected for an airdrop. Remaining mints will become available via a public sale where outstanding version 1 holders will have priority minting. -Second phase of marketing will begin. This will be comprised of Discord and Twitter giveaways, the introduction of various NFT influencers to the Millennials and much more. Q2 -Launch of version three. All mints will be airdropped to holders of both version one and two. Remaining mints will be airdropped to active community members. -Allocation of individual attributes to be announced. Q3 -Development of the Milleniverse will start.

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