Teen Hangout

❥Welcome to Teen Hangout

Join the community. Teen Hangout isn’t just another basic server; we are a community server and fully SFW. Our staff care about the community and everyone. We have a lot of fun bots to mess around with. Our chat is always almost active.

❥Features of Teen Hangout:

༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺

⦁Active chat
⦁Caring staff
⦁Lots of bots
⦁Occasional giveaways and drops
⦁Little to no pings
⦁Growing community
⦁Highly moderated
⦁Little to no raids
•Weekly giveaways

༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺

❥(Used to have 1.8k members until discord deleted our server for no reason..please help us regrow.)


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514 members