Tails' Workshop

Searching for a server you like?

Well, we have one for you!

Welcome to Tails' Workshop!

A place where everyone gets to chill and hangout and talk about anything they like!

We have:
👪 Friendly staff and members!
🤖 Cool bots!
❓ QOTDs everyday!
🤝 Partnerships!
🚧 New developed server by former owners/staff of Tailcord!
🔢 Counting channel!
👔 Applications! (Staff & Partnership Management)
🛑 High security!
⚙ Self-assignable roles!
🔞 NSFW Channel! (Must be above 18 to have the access.)
📆 Events/Giveaways once after two weeks!
😏 Everyone is welcomed!

Before chatting, please read the #rules! Read #information for information about roles, channels, partnerships, applications and appeals!

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219 members