Moon Haven

__`🌺` **MOON HAVEN** ♡__
**This is not an average chat server, it's more than that... We have:**

:comet: Active chats for all users! (24/7)
:comet: Friendly, interactive staff who aren't biased about any situation!
:comet: Nitro and Spotify giveaways for all users!
:comet: An active VC from time-to-time so you can listen to your tunes, get some conversation with new people and more.
:comet: Feel included in a number of clubs, which our server hosts every week.
:comet: Feel open to talk about anything. We're @here :blue_heart:
:comet: Events and other community-exclusive events are also in the server! Yes, it's for @everyone !
:comet: We have non-toxic people and strict rules! It's still an active chat though :tea:


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451 members