☆♡Littles in Wonderland☆♡ (18+)

Littles in Wonderland is a server dedicated to those within the BDSM and/or CGL community! While the server is not founded on NSFW interactions, there are seeking/NSFW channels for those who have verified their age and are 18 or older. We are primarily SFW, however, by joining this server, you have agreed that you're 18+!

This server is continuing to grow and we welcome new ideas. We are also seeking new staff members!

We have:

🌼♡Weekly giveaways

🌺 ♡Special Events

🌼♡Unique roles and ranks

🌺♡Exclusive chats/voice channels based on your roles or level!

🌼♡Age regression chats

🌺♡Babysitter chats

As a community, we will do our best to prevent harassment and member abuse. We take these issues very seri


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19 members