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😇 ULTIMATE DANKERS 😇 ↬🐸 ⊰・**Dank Memer Premium** Server! ↬⛔ ⊰・**Robbing** And **Heisting** **Disabled** Guild Wide! ↬💰 ⊰・**Daily 400M+** Worth Of **Giveaways And Heists** ↬🏆 ⊰・**Daily Special Heists** **Worth 100M** ↬✨ ⊰・Events Like **Fail Robs, Guess The Number, Last To Leave VC, Raffle, Green Tea, etc.. ** ↬🎉 ⊰・**Extra Multi** If You Run Commands Here! ↬🔮 ⊰・Active Karuta Drops with **Karuta Giveaways** and **Drop Parties** ↬🎀 ⊰・**Friendly Community** And **SFW** Server! ↬♥️ ⊰・**Caring And Helping** Staffs! ↬💸 ⊰・**Active Community Chats** With Lots Of Fun! ↬🧿 ⊰・**Other Bots** Like **OwO, Bro Bot, Dank Memer Beta, Mudae, etc...** ↬💐 ⊰・**Amazing Perks** For **Boosters

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