Renais 2.0

Rҽɳαιʂ Cαɳԃყ Sԋσρ
Hello there, traveller! You seem to be in a rush! Maybe you'd like a sweet little treat on your trip? Don't worry, it'll only be take a couple of seconds! While you're looking at our sweet selection of succulent treats, why not check out what are shop has to offer to you:
🍧 Sweet Staff!
🍧Equally as Sweet users!
🍧 Pokecord and other nice bots!
🍧 Roleplay channel! (It's slow like molasses, but still very sweet!)
🍧 Partnerships available!
🍧 Unique and custom roles!
🍧 Always looking for new and amazing users!
🍬 Gacha Game talk like FE:Heroes, F/GO, and more!
🌟Come on down and take a look!


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