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A friendly group of people that have interests in tabletop. The staff has a combined 30+ years of tabletop experience and the community is super helpful, no matter where you are in your tabletop journey. Social server filled with tabletop lovers. The server is super friendly and positive. Please join us! <https://dungeonslimes.com> Hope to see you soon!

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What is the server invite for the Dungeon Slimes Discord server?

The invite link for the Dungeon Slimes Discord server is discord.gg/NShEeQK

When was the Dungeon Slimes Discord server created?

The Dungeon Slimes Discord server was created on June 6, 2017, 8:09 a.m. (5 years ago)

Is the Dungeon Slimes Discord server SFW?

Yes, Dungeon Slimes is marked as SFW, meaning it should only contain topics that are safe for a work environment.