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Foxxies - Minting goes live on 12.9 server icon

Foxxies - Minting goes live on 12.9

We are creating a community of people who will jointly own and manage Foxxies’ DAO Curated (DAO Digital Art Curated Platform). The collection has a size of hand-drawn NFT Foxxies, whereby each holder gets to proportionally co-own the DAO Digital Art Curated Platform. Each holder also gets access to the Elite Club, a place to connect, network, build and take the NFT space to the next level. We are 100% DAO-based. To mint Foxxies is just the beginning. Every Foxxie holder gets a spot at the Curation Board of the DAO Foxxies' Curated, which is a platform dedicated to conducting NFT drops of renowned artists. We as a community and as a Board will vote and decide which artists will drop their collections on the DAO Foxxies' Curated.

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