Husky Hut Gaming, Art, Club Server

-The willingness to create a channel for any game (or legit anything that isnt NSFW) you want, given you can show that you have at least 6 total members wanting it.
-Voice channels to talk about whatever you want (not NSFW of course :) ).
-Soon to be, staff to assist you with whatever you need, so that channels can be quality enough and up-to-date to provide for the community.
-Potentially giveaways to members if we get a big enough following.
-A pre-access glance at what I will be doing for my videos before it is posted on youtube.
-Anything else that you may want (just ask me or a staff member, we'll consider it).

Anyways, thanks so much for even just reading this. Means a ton. Hope you all have a great one!


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