At Her Feet, A Femdom Community

We are a growing, Raid-Free community focused on female-led relationships in a BDSM context, and are home to lots of people from all kinds of dynamics. We're a friendly community made mostly to chat, make friends, play games, watch movies, be ourselves in a safe space, and have fun with any other kind of events that are hosted in our server! Age verification is required to access server.

☆Features Include☆

❥ Experienced Staff
❥ Self-Assignable and Custom Roles
❥ BDSM Informationals and Events
❥ Little Space, CGL, and Petplay Channels
❥ SFW and NSFW Selfie Channels
❥ Music Bots and Events ♪
❥ Movie Nights
❥ Gaming Buddies
❥ Partnerships
❥ Q & A’s
❥ SFW and NSFW Game Nights


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322 members