Into the Wood

When there where only loners wandering the moors, and forests, two cats decided to meet alongside each other. They all came to an agreement, that there would be four clans, along with a warrior code every cat must follow. But their dream isn't complete yet, they are missing two clan leaders, and many cats to join their clans. So tell me, newcomer, will you rise to the ranks of a leader? Live the soft life of a kittypet? Or the lonely and solemn life of a rogue or loner?
This server includes:
-High-ranks still available!
-Active and detailed roleplay!
-Ability to create your OCs and bring them to life!
What we offer:
-LGBTQ friendly members!
-Friendly and respectful staff!
-Fun bots like Mee6 and Pokecord!


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7 members