Aere Perennius
145 members

Here aboard the Aere Perennius, we are all equal. Weird and sometimes -- MOST of the time -- disgusting, but still equal! Monster-girl RP server. SFW, so don't come here with the intent to ERP!

🌌Vortex Nation🌌
101 members

We are a group of gamers from around South Africa who were drawn together by a Discord server and who have formed a strong, weird, oddball family bond.

Weirdo Hangout
58 members

A Weird hangout for weird people!

HarlowRespawned's Weird…
43 members

Just a little place where the sarcasm flows freely and we can all be a teeny bit weird and random together. Safe haven to nerds and gamers alike, light hearted, kindness encouraged. No turds allowed. If you’re a turd, do us all a favour and get flushed

Weird Robo Club
57 members

Weird Robo Club - a collection of 8,888 unique Weird Robos.

The weird dialtown comm…
32 members

The weird Dialtown community

AWS ( A Weird Server )
40 members

We are a weird community with many fun stuff to do!

°±~Kepler's Hangout Spa…
23 members

A hangout server made for weird people based on the weirdest creatures; Frogs

5,223 members

💬 Gamer & hobby community 🎁 Giveaways 🎨 Contests & Activities 🎪 Cute & Weird Emojis 🌎 Bringing together fans of Kongregate games.

Bored Weird Vitalik Club
5,615 members

Bored Weird Vitalik Club (BWVC) - is a ERC-721 collection of 10,000 one-of-a-kind drawn collection of Vitalik Buterin running on Ethereum.

Kitten Bakery
1,605 members

KITTEN BAKERY ˎˊ- - Kitten Bakery is a friendly server with members ages 13-18+, we like to keep things pg-13 for the youngsters except for NSFW channels. This server is mean to find you a Discord Kitten; however, please do not take it seriously.

707 members

Welcome ツ ➢ Talk about Aliens👽 and UFOs! ➢ Share your Expiriences! ➢ We accept every opinion! ➢ Nice Community! ➢ Custom Emojis! ➢ Selfroles! ---additenial-topic-chats--- #german #coding #gaming #politics

WK Verification
195 members

Join Wholesome Kinksters! (Four years strong!) Verify here, and our custom bot will send you a personal invitation into our private world of all things kinky and wholesome. We welcome any adults who are kinky or weird, as long as they're respectful.

1337 | Chill • Emotes 🚀
316 members

Welcome to 1337

European Trading Connoi…
838 members

Our Services - Lifetime access to 3-20 daily signals - 24/7 Telegram and Discord life support - Basic information about risk management & educational (video) calls - $30 free trade cash if you deposit a minimum of €10 by bank card (cc)

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