ChillBar | Chatting ・ V…
312,914 members

#1 Most Active Discord Server Community 💬 Social 🔊 24/7 Voice Chat 💝 Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Gaming ⭐ Relaxed ⭐ Meet New People ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Custom Bots ⭐ And More!

Virtual Sesh
3,771 members

Virtual Sesh is a safe atmosphere for stoners and non-stoners alike to come together to smoke, game, chill, and vibe.

14,249 members

➥ 💬Active Chat! ➥ 🔊Active Voice Chat! ➥ 🎁Movie Nights, Debates and more! ➥ 🏅Leveling system with perks! ➥ 📈Fast growing community!

3,162 members

We are a predominantly Singaporean server where you can talk about an array of subjects, make new friends, or generally just have fun. We're not particular on where you're from as long as you're fun, nice, and not a jackass.

2,058 members

Society is a watering hole for those of us who enjoy the more casual side of adult conversation. Designed to be voice chat and stage-centric, our voice channels are situated at the top of our community, both literally and figuratively.

813 members

Devastated We aim towards positive & open socialization. 😎 ・Very Active Chat & Voice Calls 🔥 ・Active Growing Community 🎨 ・Leveling Roles, Self Roles, Self Colors 🎉 ・Gaming, Events, Bots, NSFW 🔒 ・18+ Recommended Server

Aedric Godz Gaming🕹
224 members

Need a gaming buddy to game with? We got you covered! We're always looking for more gamers to start gaming with & form groups. We run a few factions, teams, clans & guilds in a few of the most popular games. We're working on expanding as we grow.

Social Zone's 🍻
106 members

Hey there, looking for indonesian and english friendly server with Kosan (Boarding house) theme. Join us now!! ☞ Social Zone also packed with many feature. JOIN THIS SERVER TO SEE ALL FEATURE INSIDE. alt link:

Clout Paradise | 18+
163 members

[ CLOUT PARADISE ] + Custom Creatable Voice Channels + Voice Leveling + Chat Leveling + 1/1 Male to Female Ratio

HWC Hip-Hop
526 members

A community based server for Old School Hip-Hop. We play games and chat, talk about og rappers as well as new ones, and will be having events, broadcasts and public music events. Our server is perfect for go-to usage.

The Voice of Discord
493 members

Come join our Sing-off competition server! We have interesting hosts and judges and a fun community!

Gaming: Unfiltered
343 members

⭐ Gaming community 18+ │ 🔊 Active voice-chat │💬 Helpful community │💎 NITRO BOOSTED │🤖Premium bots │🔗 COME AND FOLLOW OUR JOURNEY TO BECOMING THE BEST ADULT GAMING DISCORD!

Sinful 18+| No1. Verifi…
304,073 members

The largest active adults verified community. 24/7 voice channels and chats. Profiles, selfies, dating, gambling, fun events and more.

Maple Bacon
579 members

In the Maple Bacon community, we have bacon (of course), active chats, good mods nd plus a cool owner. Why miss out? Join today!

212 members

Are you in need of people to talk to? Been getting bored recently? You've stumbled across the most anticipated community that'll meet your needs. As of now, we are a small community that focuses on growing, socializing, and hosting events!

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