t.M.R HOT Era
72 members

SFW🐸The Meme Realm🐸 Though the name may be cheesy, our server isn't!🧀 This server is dedicated to our Meme Channels. It's a small project I've been working on for 3 years. Things have been a little lame since...The Bans💀...

kimsea | friends ⋆ acti…
63 members

Discord server to make friends with active VC’s and chats! We are a social discord that will help you make long-lasting friends and memories you won’t forget!

Pog Cult
48 members

Hello, Welcome to Poggers, we talk about Games and Other stuff, We have 20+ Emojis/Emotes And 20 roles, We have Games VC and Text Channel About a lot of games like Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Etc Join Today :D

🥥 zashed
48 members

A small community server full of possibilities, games to play, updates on any games, and depending on many various platforms such as ROBLOX, Minecraft, Valorant, Portal, Portal 2, Forza Horizon 5, Forza Horizon 4, it's your choice.

VC Hub | 50+ Voice Chan…
25 members

Welcome to VC Hub! VC Hub is a new server created to help others make friends and meet each other through discord voice calls. It is also intended to help those with issues with confidence / shyness to gain confidence :)

Boba Beem
13 members

✦. :: A safe place for everyone express themselves, support each other and make friends. This server is also intended to bring together ppl who share my kawaii interests and to promote our BOBA BEEM store which houses plenty of Cutest products! 💕💗

VC Gaming Server
23 members

The VC Gaming Server is a place for you to find friends and hang out! We have all of your favorite games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Valorant, and more! You can even suggest channels! So come join us today!

Tru’s Gangbang 🐱
11 members

Play DBD,Apex,Rust With the boys

12 members

Gamingio is a friendly server where you can game with others and make friends... as well as other things too!

Paradise Isle ⛱ Anime &…
271,160 members

We're a friendly anime themed community Discord server with an active chat, fun bots such as Poketwo and Dank Memer, frequent events, channels dedicated to gaming, art, selfies, and more! We have over 200,000 members! Come join our family!

PlayGames🎮 Social💗
6,555 members

Welcome to PlayGames🎮 & Social💗 server ! ☆ You can find friends. ☆ You can listen to music on music channels. ☆ You can play games together. ☆ You can upload images/videos and rate it! ★ You can actively get more authorized permissions on our server.

71,466 members

Come Join Discord Gray! We are a community server for chatting and making friends (over 75k members!) We have VC channels, music bots and weekly nitro giveaways. Our chat is always active! We'd be happy to call you a part of our community!

The Tavern (18+)
7,875 members

A fun break for adults, with videocall parties, party games, everyone on cam. Many are drinkers or smokers, from all walks of life. RULES: - MUST be face on cam in our calls. Always. - MUST be an adult (18 or older), speak English and be coherent

s - a n c t u a r y | …
2,263 members


Bold 18+ | Adult • Dati…
57,503 members

Discord.gg/Bold Active adult dating servers with custom dating profiles with hundreds of profiles and plenty of events - custom bots to enjoy active server/community

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