61 members

A Server just for chatting, talking about valorant, looking for lineups or looking for tm8s

secret society
60 members

German Valorant community for friendly players who appreciate a home atmosphere while gaming. No matter if you are an after work player or a hardcore gamer, everyone is welcome as long as the rules are followed. Interested? Then come on over!

Lyrix E-Sports™
39 members

Willkommen bei Lyrix E-Sports! Wir sind Teil Valorant Clan, Teil Valorant Community, die alle Member herzlich begrüßt! Joine heute!

zold's Valorant Server
72 members

Cheapest EU Valorant boosting.

49 members

🎙 Caster & Host #VALORANT #CSGO 🏆 ShootCast Analyst #VALORANT 🎥 Prod live & event🇫🇷 Ambassadeur XP School

‧₊˚↷Blush↶‧₊˚ | Anime …
108,776 members

Exciting conversations happening every moment ❥ come talk to us

Wonka Project v2
50 members

Desde 2020 produzindo os melhores cheetos/scripts para Valorant e League of Legends. Além disso, também vendemos Discord Nitro e mais uma dezena de coisas me nossa loja!

33 members

Selling Valorant Accounts. boosting services. Valorant soft Cheets. And Valorant Spoofer that works Very cheap prices very trusted no scam very friendly Join the server today and pick up something nice for yourself

Valorant Land
44 members

Our server is mainly focused on helping gamers to find other Valorant gamers and making friends. This server is striving to be positive, fun, enjoyable, and to make you feel welcomed. LGBTQ+ are welcomed!

Valorant Hangout Server…
29 members

Valorant, lots of Valorant. Meet new people and have fun!

Super Wholesome UwU Val…
41 members

Hi, I am a lonely person that wants to build a community of super friendly and wholesome people that will care for eachother and will have fun playing Valorant! Hop in and play some games! We got it all from Ranked to Funny NSFW nudes!

Valorant Gang
23 members

We are a group of valorant players Always down to play No toxicity *sometimes*

33 members

VALORANT is a super team based game and more often than not, we find that solo queue games leave you with either uncoordinated or disrespectful players. We want to reduce that. Made by gamers, for gamers.

Invites For Rewards | C…
32 members

I decided to make a invites for rewards type discord server. We have PayPal, Nitro, Minecraft accounts and Valorant accounts. All accounts are paid for by myself, we do not have stolen accounts all rewards are legit.

Valorant Social Club
19 members

Valorant Social Club - Ache seu duo perfeito. Somos um servidor social onde a betagem rola solta. Também oferecemos boosts de graça!

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