Teen Talk
578 members

Welcome to Teen Talk, a place to hangout with your friends. We have a lot of channels where you can make fun. Be friendly and respectful to others, then you're welcome! By joining the community, please accept the rules and choose your roles! <3

Teen Group Chat
193 members

Welcome to Teen Group Chat where you can chat with other teens! No adults whatsoever, so this is your safe place.

Teen Pride Network
157 members

Welcome to the Teen Pride Network! We are a community for teenagers 13-18 to be able to have fun, feel safe, and vent.

‧₊˚↷Blush↶‧₊˚ | Anime …
108,776 members

Exciting conversations happening every moment ❥ come talk to us

Gen Z Central
5,743 members

💕 Chill Server 🎁 Self-growth 🎮 Gaming ⭐ Voice Chat🏮 Academics 🌎 Social/Make Friends 💬 Active - Meet New People! 🎲 Careers 😂 Fun Bots discord.gg/zoomer High-quality & always online. This is your new favorite Discord community.

476 members

Meet cute 🐨🐸🦄🐲 ALIEN ANIMALS in this official 🎮 game server! 🎁GIVEAWAYS! (FREE Steam gift cards, nitro), 🎨ARTS, contests, events, etc.

OF Links HUB
4,864 members

Join right now and see for yourself 🔥 Posts every few hours 🔥 Hot and absolutely free content 🔥 No invites needed 🔥 Big packs

4,952 members

- A place for LGBTQ+ teens to chat and make friends from around the world! We are the Newest, Friendliest, and ONLY discord servers dedicated to gay and other LGBTQ+ teens to chat, meet, and make friends all in one safe-haven server.

Teen Hangout
1,188 members

🌈 13+ ✓ Chill ✓Non -Toxic ✓ LGBTQ+/Female Friendly ✓ 🌈 make new friends or even something more, ✓ Art welcome ✓ Great Boosting Perks ✓ Find New Friends/Gamers ✓ many reaction roles so you can make yourself stand out from others ✓ Join today!

6,542 members

Welcome to SexLanda! We are an 18+ server focused on nudes and other sexual content.Whether you want to share your nude and lewd poses or just meet new people, we have something for everyone. Come join and sin a little with us!

Gamer's Galaxy
1,485 members

Have you ever wanted to game with others? Twitch Streamers, Xbox, PlayStation, PC and more are all welcome here to find and make friends!

Cuddle Queendom 為グー
1,452 members

welcome to CUDDLE QUEENDOM this is a Teen E-Dating server (13-17) that is very new and looking for some chill members server is owned by a depressed gorl

𓆉 Teen Hangout 𓆉
2,433 members

Make friends here or find someone to love! Ages around 12-18! feel free to join! No toxic stuff! We also support LGBTQ+! We are still a growing community but i hope you will become a part of it!

E-Girl┊Selfies ✦ Social…
20,987 members

💖 Offical E-Girl Server 💖 💖 Many E-Girls 💖 500+ Emojis 💖 60 Stickers 💖 Join us now! 💖 https://discord.gg/e-girl

RedLight DreamLight Com…
2,515 members

Hello everyone! RedLight DreamLight Community is back! Come back fam! We will have many events and fun together. Free indian and foreign stuff! Best premium section available!

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