𝑲 𝒖 𝒔 𝒉 18+ | Revamp
147 members

18+ ID Gated community for Stoners & Gamers.

Stoner's Heaven
211 members

A stoner community trying to revive after being gone for a period of time. We welcome psychedelic users as well! Come Join us out For All Kinds Of Stoner Fun And Games.

Stoner Aliens
484 members

We are the Stoner Aliens! 👽💨A collection of 1,000 Aliens, minted 10 at a time per week. We smoke a little bit of pot and buy a lot of NFTs. We are an exclusive club of NFT Dealers.

The Stoner's Lounge
311 members

Welcome to The Stoner's Lounge - Your Final Stop for a Good Stoner Server, Kick back Light a Joint And Smoke With Us!

DoobieSmokezz Entertain…
278 members

Stoners, weed, comedy and much more!

9,715 members

Never smoke alone in the Puffcord! 18+

171 members

Nexus - Platform for Underground Creators, Chill People and a variety of niches.

Virtual Sesh
3,831 members

Virtual Sesh is a safe atmosphere for stoners and non-stoners alike to come together to smoke, game, chill, and vibe.

[The HyLyfe Coven]
1,154 members

Cannabis users and Psychonauts alike come together to create an amazing community!! Active chats everyday with plenty to do and people to vibe with a unique blend of the right type of stoners! discord.gg/thehylyfecoven

Gem Collectors Løunge
1,691 members

We are an avid and active community of crystal and gemstone lovers! Whether you enjoy the science behind the minerals, to the metaphysics- or if you just like shiny things... there is a place for you in our gemmy family! We'd love to get to know you 💎

The 420 Haven
31 members

The 420 Haven is a New Haven for Stoners and Everyone alike.

Blaze Valley 2x
135 members

Blaze Valley Is A 2X Rust Server With A Friendly Stoner Community Join Today And Come Have A Blazed Time Custom Scripts, 2x gather rate, 8 man group ally allowed, My Mini, And So Much More Join Today!!!

DabNToke | Smoke, Game,…
75 members

Smoke, Stream, Make Friends and Learn! Just a bunch of cool people that love to make friends, gamble, and smoke up! We play Escape From Tarkov, Arma 3, Rust, Minecraft, You name it!

Kiffen mit ohne Genehmi…
128 members

Guten Tag meine liebe Gamer und Gamerinnen, Auf unserem Server lassen sich Träume von Teamplay, Spaß und Spiel erfüllen. Mit einem freundlichen Admin und Supporter (auch Stoner genannt) Team, was für Gerechtigkeit, Fairness und Spaß sorgt.

Puff Master 18+
152 members

https://t.me/fur420 Discord server!

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