StarWars: The Old Repub…
25 members

StarWars: The Old Republic is a fun starwars roleplay server set in the year 3750 BBY. We chose this time periu so we could come up wi the our own story and explore the unexplored area of starwars.. we will eventually make our way to the great civil war!

Geetsly's 41st Elite Co…
3,582 members

Hello and welcome to Geetsly's 41st Elite Corps! We are a Battlefront 2 MilSim dedicated to brotherhood, tactical play and a love of Star Wars. If you've ever wanted to be a clone trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic, now's your chance!

Girls Robots Dragons
4,680 members

Premium fantasy (and sci-fi) artwork displayed across a 9,000 NFT card collection that consists of 15 unique characters (5 girls, 5 robots, 5 dragons) existing on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Galactic Republic
14,080 members

This is a Star Wars server with a lively community. We have a bit of everything for everyone!

⌽ Knights of the Galact…
392 members

✧Friendly & Fun Gaming Community Themed Around the Star Wars Universe!

Skull Realm Server
170 members

Community Center
246 members

Hello! We are a new and growing close knit of folks always looking for other folks to join in on the fun. We are a left leaning server!! :) We started as a politics server but quickly morphed into a social server! Smol welcoming, come join!

[SW RP] L'Aube d'une Er…
153 members

▬▬▬ 🌘[SW RP] L'Aube d'une Ere Nouvelle🌒 ▬▬▬ Le Premier Ordre, la Résistance ... ce sont désormais des souvenirs lointains.. En un siècle de déroulement depuis la chute du Dernier Ordre, une Nouvelle Ere vit le jour...

146 members

The Force
145 members

We are a Star Wars community! For both the prequels and sequels Star Wars emotes, fanart and community.

The 181st Armour Divisi…
126 members

We are a great Star Wars Battlefront 2 MilSim. Fast growing and very active, we have fun in Trainings and chill in Events. Having lots to offer, our troops are always happy. The leaders are fair and understanding.

Vii - 5
134 members

Pretty friendly, sometimes toxic server. We play a bunch of games and yea, 13-17. We're trying to be more active :)

Star Wars: Intergalacti…
132 members

LGBT Inclusive star wars rp server set shortly after the battle of yavin!

131 members

A "family size" friendly community made by SW fans for SW fans where toxicity is not tolerated.

The Jedi High Council
118 members

Server Indonesia

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