LiteroticaDreamz New Me…
387 members

Imagine a place. Similar to here._ But a much beautiful interface. a focus on adult roleplay. it's like a block party. come & make new friends. we stay sucker & drama free, if you got good vibes? come on in. WELCOME!

Collared County 18+
384 members

A growing community with fun and lovely subs, doms, and switches! Non toxic and friendly atmosphere! Roleplay and Erotic roleplay channels set up for verified members!

FiveX RolePlay
205 members

Česko-slovenský roleplay server s velmi příjemnou komunitou a vstřícným admin týmem. 📢 Nabízíme: Switchjob = možnost mít dvě práce, volná místa ve frakcích,

195 members

We're a medieval high fantasy roleplay server based on D&D and run through Minecraft! Join us for movie nights, roleplay, gaming, chill hours, and make friends!

Tribute Roleplay 18+ (U…
254 members

Ny svensk generation av rollspel!

Exotic Servers
93 members

Official Exodous Roleplay Community Discord. Currently offers a server on the Military Roleplay gamemode of the Sandbox game Garry's Mod.

Lewdest Dungeon
766 members

Welcome to the Lewdest Dungeon you'll ever find! We're a roleplay server for SFW and NSFW RPs! 1: Big roleplay sections 2: Art sharing 3: Active members and staff 4: Bot games to do when bored 5: Section dedicated to yiff Yiff viewing sections

Orange County Roleplay
755 members

GTA San Andreas Multiplayer modalità roleplay, vi aspettiamo nel nostro canale discord per informazioni o dubbi, siamo a vostra disposizione!

Warrior Cats: A New Era
699 members

warrior cat roleplay server

628 members

This is a group roleplay for Bnha (Boku no hero academia) fans! We have many characters to choose from, interesting bots and games, fun RP, and a lot more. You're welcome to join and roleplay with us!

Investigation Station
627 members

We host cross-fandom SFW roleplays of a variety of genres, most notably mystery. We're welcoming to all kinds of people, so please pop in if you're interested!

466 members

ARC is a non-human roleplay partnership hub with a focus on animal, furry, or mythological-based roleplays! As long as your roleplay doesn't focus on humans or anime, you're welcome to join and partner your server so you can advertise!

Hamachi Roleplay
390 members

Servidor SA-MP Roleplay

Hell's Finest
341 members

Chill with the finest of DEMONS and FURS in this multi-floor HELL hole! Everyone is invited, humans, demons, furs alike! This place is mostly roleplay dedicated, staff are open and tested on their CHILL-FACTOR, and tons of screwed up memories come from he

Jedi Knight Roleplay
329 members

We roleplay on Jedi Academy with the OJP mod.

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