661 members

BIGGEST NFT RAFFLES! Win major 30k plus prizes for only 0.01 a ticket! Capped at 5,000 entries. The ticket is also a NFT and holders get rewards. Join today

Monzter Minions
4,394 members

6500 Adorable Minions ready to collect & protect on IMX! ~ Over $215,000 USD in giveaways to our community & charities. ~ Open world PvE RPG game. Earn NFTs/Airdrops. ~ 112 Guardian Collection VX metaverse avatar. ~ Pre-loaded DAO vault with 35 ETH.

Sol Kids
7,112 members

Sol Kid's will revolutionise the NFT market 1. Low gas fees on Solana 2. Real prizes that increase over time 3. A Community that shapes the course of the project for the better 4. Check the rarity of your Sol Kid NFT on Rarity Sniper

Hoofhisser species
1,676 members

Are you apart of the furry crowd looking for DTAs and raffles to join? Well look no further, the closed species that I’ve created hosts tons of raffles and DTAs for you to join. Come join us and get your own Hoofhisser!

Peacemen Society
761 members

Join the nicest NFT Community on metaverse! Our project focuses on rewarding our community members by regularly doing raffle prizes such as Crypto tokens, Scholarships on different NFT Games and NFTs!

Thé Oné
592 members

We are a respectful community with friendly environment. Role System to Organize & Access & to Avoid Pings. Pokémon Games, Anime, Streaming, Raffle &more to be implemented in the future. Join the Team

Pokemon GO cheap Pokeco…
268 members

In this server you can purchase cheaper Pokecoins in Pokemon Go and save more than 30% off. Steam users who want to change their region we offer a service too for it.

661 members

1500 randomly generated NFT beers

Vinceri NFT
640 members


EcoBearsClub server
227 members

The Eco Bears Club is a NFT collection of 11,026 Eco Bears with a community and environmental focus. Each NFT is algorithmically generated using a combination of over 100 attributes such as skins, hats, shoes, accessories and much more!

Alessio's magazine
119 members

server personale in cui oltre a svagarsi insieme potrete ricevere molte notizie sul mondo dello streetwear. Entra per rimanere sempre piu informato su questo mondo

Habano Smoke Club
84 members

🏝️ Welcome to Habano Smoke Club 🏝️ A collection of 1875 cigar-based NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Minting Q1 2022 It pays to roll.

60 members

| A set of 6969 D's rising to dominate the metaverse |

arts & adopts! 🎔
59 members

if you're looking to sell adoptables, trade ocs or just show off art, this server's just the right place! ^_^

Fire Rewards
37 members

Hello, and Welcome to "Happy rewards" in this server you can invite your friends and you can get a lot of rewards very easy, enter now!


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