Pixeland Studios
2,350 members

Pixeland is a PVP Win-2-Earn gaming platform that will allow players to bet Solana against each other in a variety of strategy games.

1,227 members


Legion of the Six
1,144 members

Struggling to get tasks done? Are you low on rubbles and/or gear? Want to learn a new map? What about some pvp tips? Maybe your stash needs to be organized? Possibly just looking for people to squad up with? Look no further, join the Legion today!

[̲̅f]un + e[̲̅x]plosives
172 members

Deutschsprachige Grand Theft Auto Online Crew Discord • Ü18 • PVE+PVP am PC

evac_x.gaming community
211 members

Welcome to evacx.gaming gaming community. Here to help our gaming community grow and help out people in need or just want to hang out and vibe.

Ascension (US)
463 members

Family Friendly Ark Server. We are an Xbox Win10 crossplay and we are a friendly social PvE cluster.

🚀The Astronauts ™
188 members

Strong community with: Valorant, League Of Legends, Minecraft, Dayz, No Mans Sky, GTA5 and more!

Chernarus Law DayZ
664 members

NEW US PC 1PP PVP PVE Expansion server Chernarus Law IP The economy in our server is based mostly on weapons trading, hunting, fishing, collecting silver, drug trading, bounty hunting, zombie/player kill streak rewards

The Last Conflict
389 members

The Last Conflict PVP (PS4-5)

Fire Time DayZ
286 members

Fire Time Vanilla+ | 3PP | Map | Party | Loot+ | - CodeLock - Furniture - Car UAZ - Extended building - Increased stamina - Reduced weight penalty - Increased car health - Car radio - Advanced clothing pack

102 members

Welcome to Reign, a PvP focused server, made for ALL player types. Not a PvP'er? Don't worry, we have content made just for you!

250 members

US Based DayZ Stand Alone PvP Server on Chernarus. We are a community driven server as in I take every suggestion within reason for mods or changes and try them out on my test server and if everyone agrees those changes are to be implemented.

Reckless | PvP NFT Game
133 members

Play-to-earn online PvP game on Tezos featuring epic gladiator battles. Collect NFTs! Build your gladiator! Slaughter your enemies! Earn tezos crypto!

66 members

Stellaris PVP, RP, Casual community server with high focus on community events

86 members

A PVP guild for Lost Ark.

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