Spooderoof's District
224 members

Hello, Spooderoof's Basement is a server which mainly focuses on chess, strange, right? Yes, but our point comes to gathering chess players to have fun together and improve. While also allowing them to make friends along the way.

Hedwig's Haven
1,629 members

Hedwig's Haven is the ultimate immersive and interactive experience for grownups on Discord! Our unique character bots and bot games is unlike any other server! Our original live games, best potter emotes makes the magic come alive! SFW and lots of chats!

Space Sneks Society
3,033 members

The Diamond Hands Hotel is a NFT members-only (holders) club for influencers, creators and celebrities with a built-in marketplace. Get presale access to influencer drops and a lifetime of benefits.

906 members

Solve the puzzles and win $100,000k

「DUPLIVERA」| [Tourist T…
127 members

A new Danganronpa Roleplay server!

Sky Beneath
125 members

Here you can talk with other Sky Beneath fans Engage with the developers Give feedback and be part of developing the game Join the inner sanctum of closed testers

The Puzzle People
116 members

A community of people who like to figure puzzles, riddles, and maybe sudoku out.

Disneyangel's Crew
48 members

Looking for a fantastic community server that you can chill out? 💕 Fun Server 🌎 Social 💬 Actived - Meet New People! 🏮Join Activities🌈Chat 🎮 Gaming⭐Music 💛Livestreams 🎲 Fun Bots and Cool Roles 🌻Join VIP And Board Experience

Dragon Emperors
61 members

This is the Dragon Emperors' Server! Developing RPG games is our passion. A friendly community where you can talk about RPG games or our developed games. Join us if you're interested in RPG games!

40 members

It’s all about en- and decrypting messages. Feel free to share your puzzles and to be challenged by us ;)

Ravenclaw Angels
28 members

Looking for Harry Potter fans who love puzzles and gems.

Universal Mission Gener…
20 members

Looking for a limitless slave girl to roleplay a grand epic erotic RPG campaign with!


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