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We are an NFT Company, Web3 and Metaverse.

Trendy Turtles NFT
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The largest NFT community on Discord! NFTs World is an awesome community for everyone to discuss about NFTs & get information of new NFT projects. A place where you can find everything about NFTs! Looking to grow your project?

Little Dreamers
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Join Little Dreamers' server if you're looking for a NFT project with great art and awesome roadmap.

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Crypto Lucha is a collection of 6,969 strong luchadores NFT in Solana with traits inspired by the Mexican Lucha libre’s most powerful and legendary features. Stake your CryptoLucha to earn $TACOS token & use it to breed & evolve Luchas.

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Server Ufficiale della ORGVSM. Entra ora per poter avere accesso anticipato agli NFT del brand ORGVSM's official server Join now to have early access to the brand's NFTs

UFbrO Alien Association
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Discord for the UFbrO Alien Association 👽🛸🚀

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What was once a failed experiment on Earth, now thrives on the #Solana universe. Join the community and FOLLOW to find out more about the @MintedFingers!

NFT Exotic
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NFT Exotic is an NFT based community for artists, investors, developers, and new ones.

iNFiniTy ft. AZRAQ Ξ HI…
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An NFT Collection featuring the ancient art of AZRAQ. Holding APY 75%: -Genesis CyberKong -Crypto Mining Farm

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#1 NFT Discord Server -Promote Your NFT Or Anything 100% Free -Learn About NFT's -Find NFT's to Buy

Step Hero Multiverse Of…
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Step Hero ecosystem is the perfect combination of NFT gaming and DeFi that enables users to have fun and earn profit simultaneously. Join our Discord server to be updated about: HERO giveaway contest, Airdrops, Game releases, ... and more!

Pianity 💎
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Join the Pianity server, the first markplace for NFT music that rewards collectors in FIAT! - INFOS & ADVICE 👆 - AMAZING COMMUNITY / FUN - TOKENS GIVEAWAYS & FIAT REWARDS (APY)

Creature Hunters
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🔥 CREATURE HUNTERS - Be the Hunter, kill the Creature 🔥 📌Creature Hunters is an online defense game with blockchain technology based on the original animation produced by Mogi Hitosi and Chstudio, based in Seoul, Korea.

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OWN A PLANET, BE A LANDLORD IN THE METAVERSE. “Be the owner of your own private micro-metaverse, create, build, sell, showcase unforgettable memories and make passive returns out of it”

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Krappy Art, home of Undead Presidents NFTs, is an NFT & digital art collective that supports emerging artists navigating the complexities of generative NFT deployments. We believe that all art is important.

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