Under the Blossom Tree
217 members

A place where everyone can have fun and a good time. Join the community/family and make new friends! Play games together! Share memes! Listen to music with people around the world! Just chill! The possibilities are endless. Join now! We welcome you! 🌸

Music Hub
152 members

We are a small but growing discord server about music! We support LGBTQ+ BLM and more. Come join! ALL genre of music is welcomed and encouraged!!

Orbit Studios 🪐
114 members

HAND BUILT BY & FOR MUSIC PRODUCERS - Founded by Koeby Harris (@koebymade) & Camden Sellars (@kiddcam), Orbit Studios started as a small production company in Houston, Tx. Now, it's on the way to becoming a music industry giant. TAKE OVER THE WORLD 2022

🎺Mrgoldy Productions
148 members

🎺“Mrgoldy Productions” is a cool place to hang out, and spend time with other musicians and producers! On top of that, musicians and music producers will especially benefit from other musicians and music producers by sharing feedback, tips & tricks!

The Rookery
85 members

🦇The Rookery is a community server intended as a haven for the goth, the gothic, and the otherwise dark and creepily inclined, to talk, support each other, and share music and interests.

Traphouse Kitchen 🍝
203 members

Have you ever wanted your music to be recognized? Did you know that in our server you can make your dreams come true? So, what are you waiting for? Join us today!

203 members

This server is for music and community we talk about music, sound engineering, producing etc... We have friendly Mods and Members we talk and play on this server.

Halari's Cozy Inn
138 members

You make music, art, play games or just looking for a place to hangout while sipping a beer? Yeey! You found it!

Music Hell
186 members

Music Motel is a growing server with a friendly and open-minded community. We hope to offer a place for music fans of all genres and obscurity to discuss music and hangout.

77 Official Server
181 members

This is a server dedicated to the music collective known as "77" but is open to friends, fans, and other people who would like a community to talk to.

🎧James Radio Music🎧
38 members

This is the official discord server for James Radio Promotion YouTube channel.

140 members

Connect Within The Music Industry.

cockord dawnger anime c…
128 members

Music ranking server! Come and hang out with us! We chat about everything and anything!

128 members

Well feel free to Introduce yourself, open for all new comers as well as existing ones too if you like, tips & ideas on anything like games, music, bout life, (if you want to share). just chill and talks

Music Realm
96 members

Welcome to the Music Realm Discord Server! This server is for anyone who loves music! We do events, Song of the days, Song VS Songs etc!

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