MTG Judge server icon
MTG Judge

Tired of looking everywhere to try and find answers to your Magic: The Gathering questions? MTG Judge is dedicated to helping you get all of your questions answered. This is a server that strives for everyone to have fun playing the game all of us enjoy.

MTG Judge 211 members Join
Budget Commander server icon
Budget Commander

Welcome to Budget Commander! Casual commander games Newbie friendly,all ages welcome Monthly casual tournaments 5-10 In game servers a day New server, growing rapidly!

Budget Commander 1,273 members Join
Army of Rynlar server icon
Army of Rynlar

A large gaming community with players of every level! ✌️ Join our fun chats today! ✅ https://discord.eahdWME

Army of Rynlar 1,868 members Join
EDH Unchained server icon
EDH Unchained

EDH Unchained is a discord server dedicated to the EDH format of MTG. We host a place to play the game via webcam with paper cards, have brewing channels for making decks, and many other channels for other aspects of MTG.

EDH Unchained 1,981 members Join
Monarch Events server icon
Monarch Events

Tournament server dedicated to hosting competitive EDH / Commander tournaments for the game Magic: the Gathering.

Monarch Events 1,740 members Join
yeet20 server icon

One shots on the regular along with the occasional campaign needing players

yeet20 151 members Join
The Portland Game Store server icon
The Portland Game Store

The Portland Game Store was founded in 2015 with the aim to create a community space that is inclusive and welcoming to tabletop game lovers in North Portland, Oregon. Our Discord is a play to meet, chat, and game with other Portlander gamers.

The Portland Game Store 202 members Join
ⱮͲƓ ᴴᵘᵇ server icon
ⱮͲƓ ᴴᵘᵇ

We are a server all about Magic: The Gathering With multiple platforms to play on, We are the most diversified MTG server out there We are the only server set up with an In-Server DCI # & a personalized DCI Card! Come get yours today!!!

ⱮͲƓ ᴴᵘᵇ 58 members Join
Hazmatic Hazmanians server icon
Hazmatic Hazmanians

All inclusive community for MTg and variety content creators

Hazmatic Hazmanians 164 members Join
Shin's Discord server icon
Shin's Discord

Welcome to the Kingdom! A Discord server for ShinGonzilla and his community. Magic, Monsters, Mayhem! Talk MTG, Kaiju, Toku, Mecha, Gaming, Comics and more!

Shin's Discord 101 members Join
MTGConclave server icon

MTGConclave is the place for all lore related magic the gathering subjects

MTGConclave 54 members Join
Shards of the Forest server icon
Shards of the Forest

we are a chill place for creative and gamers alike, here you can find a no toxic environment and a good time with others either playing gamers or vibing or even jamming about creative ideas

Shards of the Forest 61 members Join
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