Wholehearted Health
1,008 members

Sharing recipes, tips & tricks, photos, community movie nights & more! All with like minded healthy lifestyle friends!

Amaru: Self-Care Pets C…
3,740 members

We are a community supporting your personal journey towards well-being by empowering you with the tools you need to cultivate positive self-care habits.

Mind's Best Friend
5,344 members

Raising awareness for Mental Health & Wellness by bridging the gap between the metaverse and the real world. Fully funded Roadmap 1.0. Join our community today as we get ready for takeoff 🐶 🚀

4,633 members

Community focus on Mental Health Awareness backed by our love of NFT and watches

House of Vibes
2,304 members

The Sad Comics Community is an all inclusive mental health awareness community with active VC's, game and movie nights, and overall friendly atmosphere. There are rooms for a multitude of hobbies, and odds are you will be met with a room that matches your

The Dawn of Hope
1,504 members

Welcome to The Dawn Of Hope! In short, this is a community server, created to give all members a fun and interactive experience with one another, with plenty to do. We are also very focused on mental health and have many support resources. Check us out!

Cookies & Crime
134 members

We are 25+, chill, and active server. We talk about life and make jokes about adulthood.

ari's angels <3
412 members

a community based on our common love for ariana grande <3

Sunshine Vibes
104 members

Conversations & life lessons. Delicately intertwined with music, movies, art, and games. Welcome to the sunshine weave of openheartedness...

The Ganja Headspace
289 members

The Ganja Headspace is for any of you potheads out there who want a safe space from judgement and drama. The Ganja Headspace is based around equality and the respect of other members. Toke up with us!

Dutch Snack Shack
127 members

Wij zijn een gezellige, Nederlandse 18+ server gemaakt voor en door gamers!

Canadian Mental Health …
180 members

This is an 18+ server for those with mental and/or physical health issues and disabilities regardless of severity, who are currently living in Canada.

Serendipity - The Adult…
197 members

CLN Serendipity is a peer run helpline for adults. We have experience dealing with various mental health issues. We are glad to have you!

The Queerky Space ✨
525 members

An LGBT safe space to hang out, make friends and have fun

Priests of the Coast
338 members

Q:What is Priests of the coast? A: pfp NFT w/ Alpha, crypto & NFT advisement, education services, mental health support and mentorship benefits, real world collectibles and exclusive merch, worldwide events, giveaways and whitelists & amazing collabs!

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