sky's café ♡
13,879 members

your mental health will improve here!!

Brutal Bears
13,581 members

Join our Discord Server to secure you spot on the Whitelist & Enter our Tesla Model 3 Giveaway! Giving away over $60,000 in prizes! 10,000 Brutal Bear NFTs with P2E Utility in our weekly solo & squad missions game!

Huddlehumans Mental Hea…
37,169 members

The Huddlehumans Community is a safe and affirming environment where you will be able to be YOURSELF, share your mental health struggles, and how you are really feeling without being judged 🧡 Never feel lonely again. Join the Huddle Family!

Asset NFT
5,491 members

Invest in Yourself! Prestige Investments is a server built around growth in yourself. Whether it be financially, or in mental & physical health, we have it all!

Degenerates (18+)
2,393 members

18+ only, NSFW Content, LGBT, Mental health, and drug use friendly. Nitro boost level 3, hundreds of emotes. We prefer to avoid censorship outside of the obvious included in our rules (and within discord ToS).

🌈Rainbow Alliance 🌈
1,031 members

From 2020 we make friends and awesome memories together while providing a safe space to our members to be themselves and feel free. If you want to join a friendly and loving community you should definitely check us out!

🎉 Kimetsu No Yaiba • De…
89,742 members

We have 500 demon slayer emojis and a loving, kind demon slayer community focused on mental health and having fun. We love demon slayer emotes and Nezuko, Giyu, Mitsuri, Muichiro, Shinobu, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Tanjiro!

Open Home
1,916 members

A warm, friendly and wholesome community focused on improving mental health. Meet new people, express your feelings and feel cozy in a judge-free fully accepting environment.

Sad Sorrows│悲
1,891 members

Glad to see you reading this! Our server is all about our community coming together to help out the people who are struggling. You could be our next help! [REMEMBER TO CALL YOUR LOCAL SUICIDE HOTLINE IF YOU ARE HAVING MAJOR SUICIDAL THOUGHTS!]

Emotes and Chill
1,523 members

A fun community server with lots of chats and thousands of emotes to choose from across all of our servers!

Support Meadow
7,077 members

A mental health safe space that offers support and resources to help improve your wellbeing.

marvallous - Voodoo War…
2,538 members


Freaked Out Piggies NF…
2,418 members

🥇Metaverse Mental Health Club using NFT and web.3🚀

🌈♡☕ milk café | $10 ngw…
1,272 members

A very chaotic-fun community server with a focus on mental health! Have fun making new friends and help support each other.

1,154 members

Raahee is an initiative that aims to destigmatise mental health and provide affordable therapy to all. On our server, we provide a judgement-free space and conduct musical nights!

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