Not A Sailor Studios Di…
1,536 members

We made A Game About Literally Doing Your Taxes and Buddy Simulator 1984!

Script City
10,518 members

Made for a roblox community that loves having fun in games!

Game Tester
4,382 members

Game Tester brings gamers & developers together from all over the world - rewarding testers for providing fast & detailed feedback at scale.

Nexus Gaming
2,072 members

Competitive Brawl Stars server Daily streams Content creators Giveaways Scrims and tourneys

288 members

This a gamer community server, we mostly play League of Legends but we also play other games. Jackbox Party Games are one of our favorites games to play together!

The Ranch
395 members

A safe place to meet new people, play games, and just chat in general!

Bammer Base
185 members

Welcome to The Bammer Base! Here we mostly just vibe and talk about various topics and games, and get together for our weekly movie nights!

363 members


The Pond
325 members

The Pond 🐸 Seeking a place to quench your DnD cravings & share your creations?

The Villainous Lair(21+)
44 members

As advertised we are a NSFW BDSM community with a few sfw areas. meaning we will vet your ID in a waiting room before joining the entirity of our server. -Rules -Regulations -Punishments Not for the weak of heart.

Italian Squid
79 members

A Splatoon themed discord server made by crazy people for crazy people, everything can be posted here (black humor too). now featuring memes and hype for Splatoon 3

Gaymers [16+]
388 members

Gaymers (16+) is an all-inclusive LGBTQIA+ server for making friends, playing games, and more!

Nefty Ballers Official
443 members

Nefty Ballers is a web based NFT game on the WAX Blockchain.

Design Oriented
674 members

A place to have fun taking game design seriously!

Learn Korean Together ν•œβ€¦
490 members

A fun playground that has everything you need to spend your day on. The admins are constantly making fun games to elevate the learning experience. Come join us for fun little games (mafia, word chaining, you name it), karaoke, and Korean lessons!

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