Musician's Outpost
1,287 members

This server is dedicated for any musician! Whether you are a beginner or advanced guitar player, bass player, drummer, vocalist, keyboard player, you are in the right place!

Dating Lounge 🌈
83,155 members

― Largest Discord Dating Server β€•γ…€πŸ’• 300+ Profiles/dayβ€Žβ€Žβ€Ž, LGBTQ+ Friendly πŸ’•γ…€πŸ’• Matchmaking , Selfie & Age Verification πŸ’•πŸ’• NSFW Channels Nudes & Teases πŸ’•

Gaming Dungeon (18+)
1,703 members

𝟣πŸͺ+ 𝗀𝖺𝗆𝗂𝗇𝗀 π–Όπ—ˆπ—†π—†π—Žπ—‡π—‚π—π—’πŸ”Ήπ–Ίπ–Όπ—π—‚π—π–ΎπŸ”Έπ—…π–Ίπ—‚π–½π–»π–Ίπ–Όπ—„πŸ”Ήπ—Œπ—‚π—†π—‰π—…π–Ύ π—…π–Ίπ—’π—ˆπ—Žπ—πŸ”Έπ—Žπ—‡π—‚π—Šπ—Žπ–Ύ π—‹π—ˆπ—…π–Ύπ—ŒπŸ”Ήπ—€π–Ίπ—†π–Ύ π–»π—ˆπ—π—ŒπŸ”Έπ–Ίπ–Όπ—π—‚π—π—‚π—π—’ π–Όπ—π–Ίπ—‡π—‡π–Ύπ—…π—Œ

♑・Kitsune ✦ Genshin Imp…
1,799 members

✿.Genshin Impact related community server. || We offer character build help, pfps, emojis and a friendly community! β˜† κ’·οΉ’

β€§Λšβ‚Š The Terrarium β€§β‚ŠΛš
3,636 members

Chill gaming community ✿ Apex ✿ Overwatch ✿ Minecraft ✿ LGBT+ Friendly ✿ Giveaways ✿ Events ✿ Come join us!

Jinx 18+ ● Anime β—¦ Mat…
26,871 members

18+ Only Community Server | Active Chats ✨| Giveaways ✨| Gaming & Anime ✨ | Lots of Roles ✨ | Profile Bump Perks ✨ | Future Chat Matchmaker ✨|

2,444 members

WeShop ( is a fun, social and community-driven e-commerce platform that offers coupons, goodies and reviews!

Otaku HQ
1,905 members

━━» Chill Weeb Community for all ━━» 300+ Member Count & Growing! ━━» Lots of Self Roles & Economy Game Bots, including Dank Memer, Karuta, and Mudae! ━━» Make new friends, we are all very welcoming here!

A Gay Place
1,127 members


Femdom Temple
19,794 members

Active, welcoming and fun Femdom community full of like-minded people, events and debates.

[18+] Devoravore
1,232 members

This is an NSFW server dedicated predominantly to vore. However, we allow non-vore, and a bunch of other kinks, fetishes and paraphilias.

Teen Hangout
1,188 members

🌈 13+ βœ“ Chill βœ“Non -Toxic βœ“ LGBTQ+/Female Friendly βœ“ 🌈 make new friends or even something more, βœ“ Art welcome βœ“ Great Boosting Perks βœ“ Find New Friends/Gamers βœ“ many reaction roles so you can make yourself stand out from others βœ“ Join today!

Dating International 18+
2,601 members

Welcome to the all New Dating International 18+ Mega Server We strive to maintain a drama free, uplifting community. We also aim to help our members find new friends, and possible partners for long distance love or love with someone in your area!

Sky Haven 🌹
1,027 members

We believe that sky should be enjoyed by people to its fullest, so here you can always find a giveaway with awesome prizes!

Κšβ‚ŠΛš κ’°πŸŒΈγƒ»euphoria 幸福 Β°. ♑…
2,951 members

ΰ­§γƒ»α“šα˜α—’β‚ŠΛšΰ»‘ an active cute and cuddly place to make new friends β™‘ 500+ anime emotes & stickers β™‘ kawaii decor & icons β™‘ aesthetic nitro giveaways β™‘ make friends & lgbtq+ friendly β™‘ chill vcs / music & podcasts β™‘ venting events & social activities

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