Tranko Editor™
8 members

We are a Team that makes video games as a living, we are a small team and plan on making the gaming future a great place to have no buggy games and with community feed back, We take time to deliver games.

30 members

Hello my name is Radwan Kaddour I am a indie video game developer .

WalGallen Geek Club
43 members

A Server to hang out, talk about Videogames, Anime, music and everything related to WalGallen's projects🌟 GameDev | Pixel Art | Streaming

2 JL Studios comunidad
31 members

indie dev comunity

Solo Game Dev By Builde…
29 members

Lots of new games you can only get here! lots of 1995-2005 themed new content!

Smiles & Screams Studio
26 members

Two new indie devs learning and creating new and exciting games, mostly within the horror genre!

Adam Avramov Games
24 members

This server contains a dev log, news and updates, exclusive access to betas and early builds, and allows you to influence the direction of the games I'm making

Lost Rabbit Digital
16 members

This is the official server for Lost Rabbit Digital developer for Tumblefire and more. Join this server to compete for free games, naming rights in existing games, and to give feedback to shape the game!

Gaming Recruitment Cent…
14 members

Looking for volunteers for your next gaming project? Looking to be apart of and get some experience in game production? Looking for other small creators to chat with and learn about the process? Here’s the place for you! Come in and say hi :)

Dev Hangout
14 members

Come discuss game dev, show off your games, or just hang out...

12 members

This is a community server for the dating simulator and puzzle indie game, Helltaker! Come chat with fellow fans and make friends! ❤

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