🎐MoonJelly Cafe🎐
3,129 members

The best vibes, and the most welcoming server on discord. We host art, gaming, and chat events monthly! Free MINECRAFT JAVA and Nitro!!!

2,722 members

Welcome to one of the biggest adult/hentai game sites in the world. Here you will find more than 9000+ currently porn games in a large list of topics. Absolutely free to download.

Indie Games
2,262 members

A community for gamers to hangout, developers to share their indie games and artists to share their artworks!

The Divided World
1,139 members

We are an online gaming community based for new players on games to get together and expand your knowledge on specific games.

LogLog Games
262 members

We're a :godot: Godot and :unity3d: Unity :video_game: Game Development Server:video_game: ran by an indie gamedev studio LogLog Games. :fire::fire::fire: Come and chat with us! :fire::fire::fire:

83 members

U҉NICORD҉ is friendly social community with aim to socialise while playing games, sharing our art/design and inspiring each other to create and collaborate. We stream a lot of different stuff and socialise daily.

Ludo AI Game World
190 members

Ludo AI Game World is the place for everyone who is interested in making great games. We are a community of indie devs, small studios, artists, researchers and gamers.

Beta Tested, Game Revie…
90 members

A growing community with a focus on indie games that contains gamers, game developers, and content creators alike! We would love to talk to you!

Third Gear Cafe
172 members

Chill place, we like talking about art and indie games.

Charon Games
157 members

We are Charon Games, a small indie company, aiming to make games with our players, and making memorable experiences.

☔The Hailstorm☔
133 members

Hello! I'm Haildamnage on twitch and this is my discord server! | I love new members who love gaming as much as I do! | I'm always active in the server!

Chasing XP Community Se…
129 members

The Chasing XP Developer Hub is a place for indie game developers to hang out, swap war stories, get help and give help.

VoidStrike: The Online …
55 members

Welcome to the VoidStrike's server! We are a small but ever growing community of the indie game VoidStrike! If you like games like Captain Forever, Nimbatus, Istrolid or Reassembly you'll definitively like this! Anyone is welcome, join us today!

Aidens osu filled anime…
92 members

Hey, My names Aiden and I run this server with a few mods. When you join it might seem like not many people talk or are active but I assure you we do vc and talk. We mainly play osu or genshin and like anime . Thanks in advance - Aiden

We Make Bad Games!
62 members

This is the official discord server for the indie game studio name 'We Make Bad Games' Join plz if you want to play cool indie games!

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