Silent Hill
2,442 members

A community for discussing the Silent Hill franchise, horror media in general, and enjoying the company of people with like tastes.

All Things Horror
1,354 members

A server for lovers of all things horror!

True Forms Gateway
82 members

We welcome those who seek Horror, Monster-lovers and Transformation themed type of community server. ~ NSFW server; ~ 18+; ~ Horror; ~ Teratophilia & else; ~ Roleplay content; ~ Friendly servers Enter at your own risk. You have been warned.

Horror Library
234 members

👋 Hello, This server is for any and all horror enjoyer! Here you can make, talk about, and post ALL things horror. 🎃

Diabolic Evil
472 members

This server is about true crime, horror, and hauntings. We also talk about horror-related topics (movies, games, etc.) If you are a horror fan, true crime fan, or love a good spooky story, you are welcome here.

Horror Talk
190 members

Horror Community!

Midnight Library
189 members

A growing community full of active members and still growing. Horror server where we all have fun and talk about horror. We have events like campfire, movies and creepypasta and even a horror book club!!! Active members most welcome

265 members

Are you a horror enthusiast and want to watch horror movies with others? Then this is the right place for you. You can join the anime marathons. Host your own giveaways for free and much more. Find your LFG group for Among Us from here!

The Horror Network
174 members

For all things horror.

250 members

Haunted Horror Server, We are Twitch Streamers And YouTube horror content creators. if you like Horror genre then this server is made just for you

The Hive
160 members

Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite horror games through Infected, a metalcore band that writes cinematic adventures through horror games of your choice!

169 members


122 members

We are a community that strives to indulge in all things horror. We host weekly film, show, and docuseries watch parties every Friday/Saturday. We are horror gamers as well!

caвιn oғ нorrorѕ
111 members

Here in the Macabre House of Horrors we dive into all things horror, get your daily dose of horror articles and fire memes—find other fans and enjoy a community based on a love for horror.

HHNF™ Official
33 members

If you want to get a quick briefing, Halloween Horror No Face is a virtual Halloween event that happens annually, and is held entirely inside of Minecraft (Bedrock/Windows 10 Edition) and is based on Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights.

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