Sky Haven 🌹
981 members

We believe that sky should be enjoyed by people to its fullest, so here you can always find a giveaway with awesome prizes!

643 members

☕ | dragon café
166 members

18+ | A community of gamers, anime heads, movie lovers, content creators and more! With a cozy fantasy café theme, come enjoy many gaming titles with us, movie nights, giveaways and more! This server is active daily, especially on Identity V/ Apex Legends

Pet Sim X Giveaway!
669 members

We have invite rewards + giveaways for the Roblox game pet simulator X come join and invite your friends. Trading and shops you can also advertise.

Nova's Mansion
229 members

Make new friends, take part in fun events / giveaways, hangout in your own private voice channels and promote your services!

Trade Nation - Save The…
350 members

Trade Nation is a discord server where players of Fortnite Save The World can get together to trade with each other and participate in giveaways. This is a great server to find good trades, builders, join endurance runs, and get help with ssds + missions.

159 members

Do you want to join a dank community that shares pictures, videos, memes and contain giveaways? This is the server for you. Slap that blue join button If you want to increase your dank memes collection in #Sharing - Memes

eCentral • Dank Communi…
91 members

Hangout Server featuring Dank Memer Giveaway, Trading, and Heisting (Robbing Disabled)・NITRO GIVEAWAY RIGHT NOW・1M+ Heists • Invite Rewards

Pet Sim X Values / Give…
376 members

This is a fun server with a fun community based on the game: Pet Simulator X On roblox What do we have? 🎁Giveaways🎁 🧀Free Private Servers🧀 ✨Ranks based on how good someone is✨ 🎤Voice chats🎤 🍇Staff🍇

740 members

The StonerSquad is a Collection of 1 unique randomly generated Stoners vibing on the Polygon Blockchain. Join our Community for Daily Giveaways, Voting for Charities and more!

・Legends Community™ | S…
417 members

💣 Welcome to Legends Community™ 💯

Gelato Paradise | Chill…
336 members

🏖️ • Fun & active community 🎉 • Lots of giveaways and events! 🤝 • Many partnerships! 🤖 • Tons of fun and utility bots! ✨ • Boosting & levelling perks 🖍️ • Badge system ⛏️ • Bedrock MC server

580 members

Danana Giveaways isn't just about Giveaways. Explore our events with our community and earn rewards along the way! Hope to see you there!

Be3Z's Hive 🐝
106 members

Hello, welcome to Be3z's Hive 🐝! A Roblox content creator server.

Creative Community
62 members

💡Creative Community💡 is an SFW server that is for people who want to express their creativity! We have an active and growing server which has events and giveaways often! We also have hardworking staff and a range of fun channels!

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