Anime Nation ❀ Giveaway…
2,232 members

Click to join a discord server with a ton of giveaways as well as cool people to talk to!

June Gloom
2,175 members

This server, run by an egirl, has active chat channels, 200+ nsfw emojis, female selfies & nudes, lots of porn/hentai bots, free premium porn accounts, giveaways (including Nitro, PayPal, gift cards), friendly (and naughty) community to make new friends!

Exotica | Social, Emote…
1,876 members

Active, Fun, Fast growing diverse community. WHAT are you waiting for? Join us now! Friends. Anime and Manga. Settle your E-beef on Roast Chat. Several games for you to enjoy. Nitro Boost giveaways. Gift cards for gamers. Help Us make this server greater

SamuraiPR OSRS Multilog…
1,812 members

OSRS multilogging tips and giveaways

Sylveon's Server
1,529 members

Sylveon's Server Brand new server featuring a free 24/7 Gen 7 trade bot, giveaways, games, and more. Gen 8 bot coming soon.

The Chill Grill
1,232 members

Server's goal is to educate, entertain and inform. As a community, we host giveaways and events quite often, we also like to participate in events powered by partnered or supportive communities to help them/us build a fun and enjoyable community

Nekobyte 🐾 Social Anime…
1,175 members

join for headpats :3

League Of Feeders
783 members

-Mostly a Aram/RGM server for league of legends. -Fun chill 4/20 friendly, NSFW on -Games running during the day and evening. -Meet new league of legends Friends. -Giveaways for skins 1 currently going

371 members

GamersPlay is a premium website where you can find a gamer friend. Chat, play and interact with our members or take part on our weekly giveaways !

SweRis Cricket Council
167 members

Hey guys, SweRis Cricket Official server! This server is a "Home of Cricket Lovers". Friendly general & cricket talks, giveaways, etc. We even have cricket guru!

Astonish Promotions™ |…
417 members

🪐 | Astonish Promotions™️ Want to grow your server, YouTube, Twitch, Socials etc. Then this is the right place for you! Join now to start advertising while gaining rewards or find servers to meet your needs!

Canadian & Cam
137 members

A growing gaming community that is only missing you! Everyone's welcome to come have fun with the people, bots, events, giveaways, and more! Gaming • Good Staff • Bots • Events • Giveaways • Friends • Community • Minecraft Server • Music Bots

Castle Akagumo
125 members

Castle Akagumo Community ✦ Friendly ✦ Great Custom Emojis and Stickers ✦ Giveaways ✦ Free ✦ Gaming ✦ Events ✦ ENG/日本語

Kek Lords [Revamp]
643 members

We host lots of giveaways and events daily. Also there will be a 100 members event soon when we reach 100 members worth 100mil+ giveaways and events.

186 members

Crypto/NFT based server with a friendly community ranging from Artists/Gamers and many more we also do Nitro giveaways

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