This pleases the lord
3,147 members

We are an 18+ community with the majority of our server being NSFW, locked behind a verification wall. We are wholesome, love memes, and love to show off ;). We have several bots, including Karuta and Dank Memer. Come and join in the fun!

Open Home
1,916 members

A warm, friendly and wholesome community focused on improving mental health. Meet new people, express your feelings and feel cozy in a judge-free fully accepting environment.

Weeb Kingdom🏯(18+)
1,702 members

Welcome! We are an 18+ LGBTQ+ friendly BL(yaoi) server. Come make some new friends and have fun! Talk about BL, join our streams, giveaways and more!

Cozy Junimo Hut👾
1,528 members

18+ Stardew Valley Discord server. Chat with fellow Stardew lovers! Our server includes other channels such as: - NSFW channel - 420 friendly channel - fanfiction channel - a channel to share Stardew mods - selfie channel Come join our fun community

The Lovense Lounge
1,006 members

Friendly, welcoming, and body positive community for ALL Lovense users! 21+ 100% age verified! 24/7 Active Chats!

16,569 members

Welcome to Secret Orchard! ⭐ 200+ members ⭐ Vtuber Friendly! ⭐ Discord Nitro Monthly Giveaways ⭐ Mostly Active ⭐ Lots of new people to meet ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Join now! ⭐

Dungeon Slimes
9,449 members

A super friendly, slime-themed social discord server with interests in Dungeons and Dragons (DND) and various other tabletop games!

4,776 members

Justified's main goal is to establish a friendly community for people who enjoy Garry's Mod DarkRP as it used to be.
3,004 members

Merric gaming are a group of gamers that are dedicated to making a safe, friendly, enjoyable and user friendly community in which everyone can participate no matter what age, race or gender.

Discord 4 Sinnerz
2,448 members

A discord server for worship thicc goth girls. LGBT friendly, SW friendly, k1nk friendly

184 members

We are a friendly wide-spread community! Enjoy your stay!

Cozy Campfire
15,579 members

An ever-growing non-toxic server for anime enthusiasts everywhere ! LGBTQ+ friendly place with a focus on anime discord bots.

4,330 members

Welcome to the Gridlock Server We are a Ethereum wallet with a friendly and helpful discord community server dedicated to discussing Crypto & NFTs.

Fuzzy Plaza [Furry]
3,958 members

Welcome to Fuzzy Plaza! We are a fully SFW discord server with alot to offer. Art, hobbies, role playing channels and more! Come check us out

Kinky Paradise | 18+
3,695 members

Welcome to Kinky Paradise! We're an 18+ BDSM kink inclusive and friendly community, where members, who are interested or new to the BDSM lifestyle can learn and grow in a safe and welcoming environment.

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